· December, 2010

Stories about Slovenia from December, 2010

Slovenia: Referendum Results

  15 December 2010

Sleeping With Pengovsky writes about the “disastrous” results and the implications of the referendum on Slovenia's public TV law: “The law was nixed with 72.64 percent votes against and only 27.36 percent in favour, with a criminally low voter turnout.”

Slovenia: More on Public TV Referendum

  10 December 2010

Sleeping With Pengovsky posts the last installment on the upcoming public TV referendum: “If the law is confirmed, common sense and quality media have a fighting chance. Nothing more, nothing less. If the law is defeated, then… well…”

Slovenia: National Radio and TV Referendum

  8 December 2010

Sleeping With Pengovsky reports that “Slovenia is to hold yet another referendum this Sunday, this time on the recently passed law on national radio-television, RTV Slovenia”: “In short, it’s about turning state radio and television into public radio and television once again.”