· May, 2006

Stories about Slovenia from May, 2006

Slovenia: President's Book Review

  30 May 2006

AlesS of A Little Blog For a Restless Mind reviews a book written by Janez Drnovsek, Slovenia's president: Thoughts on Life and Awareness. “To me the president with this book seems like a freshman that hasn't even yet passed the first grade of buddhism, yet already wants to teach (preach...

Slovenia: On Not Skiing

  11 May 2006

Michael of The Glory of Carniola explains why he doesn't ski and what it's like to be a non-skier in Slovenia: “Being a non-skiier in Slovenia is a bit like being an atheist in America: you automatically belong to a distrusted minority. If a Slovene asks you if you ski,...

Slovenia: Vegetarian President

  4 May 2006

Slovenia's president is fighting cancer and is a vegetarian, writes Michael of The Glory of Carniola. He also links to an interview with the president published by the Society for the Liberation of Animals.

Slovenia: “A Diversity to Discover”

  1 May 2006

Michael of The Glory of Carniola writes about one drawback of Slovenia's new promo commercial to be aired on CNN: “The video is beautifully done and I tip my hat to everyone involved, with the exception of those responsible for the awkward slogan: ‘A diversity to discover.'”