· November, 2008

Stories about Slovenia from November, 2008

Central & Eastern Europe: Obituaries

  30 November 2008

Edward Lucas re-posts The Economist‘s obits of Mieczyslaw Rakowski, a Polish Communist journalist and politician, who died on Nov. 8, and of Boris Fyodorov, a Russian economic reformer, who died on Nov. 20. Borut Peterlin notes the death of Vilko Filač, the “cameraman of Emir Kusturica’s best movies.”

Slovenia, U.S.: Post-Election Newspapers

  7 November 2008

Piran Café posts a picture of post-election European papers and writes: “Obama’s immediate impact on the world economy: I spent about 30 euros today on newspapers I’ll never read, but ones I will keep. Note to Collectors: I’ve got a decent sized stash of three Slovenian dailies. Get in touch...

EU, US: Local Interests First

  5 November 2008

Dr. Filomena writes: “I certainly hope all Europeans so involved with the issues surrounding the US elections will be as active next year during EU’s elections. Not to mention the ones in their own individual countries. Those might indeed affect us.”