· March, 2007

Stories about Film from March, 2007

India: Reservations, Law, Bollywood and Peanuts

  30 March 2007

So far this month the major topic of discussion in virtual India was the world cup cricket match in the West Indies. Now that India was unceremoniously bowled out of the world cup, bloggers have turned their attention to other issues. Yesterday the Indian Supreme Court temporarily stopped the implementation...

Bahamas: Still Enslaved

  28 March 2007

Nicolette Bethel sees stunning parallels between a young black American filmmaker's documentary about race and the image that Bahamian children have of themselves 200 years after the abolition of the slave trade.

Turkey is Typing….the Weekly Favorites

So rather than stay with one particular topic or theme in this weekly, I thought that I would just give you the insights into my top Turkish blog posts of this week. Let's begin with my favorite short post of the week from Ignore Me if You Can: I’m going...

Bolivia: Bolivian Television's Watchdog

  27 March 2007

Blogs in Bolivia have yet to achieve the level of being a primary source of information to compete with other forms of communication. Television continues to dominate the manner in which citizens get their news and where they follow current events. A blog called La TeVelisión [ES], written by Rodrigo...

Jamaica: Leonie Forbes for Award of Excellence

  26 March 2007

“Ms. Forbes has been an inspiration to actors and artists all over the world… especially black actresses and people of Caribbean decent.” Caribbean Beat Blog is thrilled that West Indian actor Leonie Forbes will be honoured with an Award of Excellence at this year's ReelWorld Film Festival in Toronto.

Bahamas: Amazing Grace

  26 March 2007

In light of this year's Commemoration of the Bicentenary of the Abolition of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Nicolette Bethel reprints a letter she has written to Caribbean film distributors questioning the limited release of the film Amazing Grace: “Given that the Abolition Act championed by William Wilberforce and his Abolitionists...

Kuwait: A Week Goes by

The Kuwaiti blogosphere has it all this week – from business developments to the opening of a new mall, the death of a bookshop and segregation at Kuwait University. Q, back at Kuwaitism, talks about the shift of business power and how other businesses around the Gulf region are acting....

300: More Than a Movie for Many Iranians

Cartoon by Afshin Sabouki from Project 300, an artistic response to 300, the movie. The movie “300”, based on a Frank Miller comic book, has been both a big hit at the box office and a hot topic in Iran's media, big and small. In Zack Snyder's movie, 300 Spartans...

Turkey is Typing….Business and Travel

What I thought were the interesting blog posts this week all seemed to revolve around business and travel. I think that it is the coming of spring that makes me what to run away from ordinary life. Of course, if you wish to run away to say…Turkey…blogger Talk Turkey has...

Bahrain: On 300

Bahraini blogger emoodz gives us his thoughts about the movie 300 here. “If you haven’t heard already, the movie has caused quite an uproar amongst modern Persians/Iranians who see the movie as not only something of a fabrication, but also an insult to their history,” he writes.

China: Officer dismissed for blogging

  18 March 2007

In China, there's more precedent for blogging getting people in trouble with the police than there is for blogging in itself getting one getting fired. So what happens to cops who blog? Check out Hubei-based Soho Xiaobao blogger Wu Youming‘s most recent post, ‘Confessions of a canned cop‘, dated March...

Russia: Coverage Critique

  16 March 2007

Russia in the Media critiques Luke Harding's Guardian piece on Russia's poor; Russia Blog awards The Stranger's Annie Wagner with “the Shoe Award” for her review of the 9th Company movie.

Russia, USA: Cold War Movies

  16 March 2007

Russian Kafe writes about Cold War films that could have caused “a child to write things like ‘I have been worrying about Russia and the United States getting into a nuclear war’ and ‘I would like to know why you want to conquer the world or at least our country’.”

Tamil Blogosphere: Reflecting on Women and Gender

  15 March 2007

International Women's Day evoked quite a lot of posts in the Tamil Blogosphere. Living Smile Vidya is a transgender blogging from Madurai, South India. Through her posts she has been quite instrumental in making other bloggers understand the trials and tribulations transgenders face in India. Her personal recounts the troubles...

Belarus: Past or Present?

  13 March 2007

Having watched The Lives of Others – the winner of the 2007 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language film, “a grim portrayal of life in East Germany before reunification and the twisted relationship between cultural elites and the Stasi secret police” – TOL's Belarus Blog observes: “But as I spoke...

Algeria: Movie a Waste

Algerian blogger Nouri says the movie 300 was a fantastic waste of $10! “The film is comprised mostly of exaggerated muscles, computer generated imagery, grotesque or unnecessary sex scenes, and foolishly triumphant dialogue. The film is aesthetically interesting, more for its ahistorical manner than for its beauty. Apparently, Spartans wore...