· April, 2006

Stories about Film from April, 2006

Thai horror movie angers Cambodia

  27 April 2006

Alvin at chlim01 is bored finds the latest Thai horror flick tasteless as it is set in a prison that resembles Khmer Rouge's dreaded concentration camp. People in Cambodia are not too happy with their neighbour. A comment on another post at KI Media is asking the Cambodian people to...

China: Porn's subversive forms

  27 April 2006

Remember Guangzhou sex blogger Mu Zimei who got shut down and fired in late 2003 after the world took notice? She's in Beijing now, and Jeremy Goldkorn at Danwei has just ‘wrapped’ an exclusive with her: “She is not writing online any more, but is producing a series of her...

South Africa: Carmen in Xhosa

  26 April 2006

African Shirts comments on another film from South Africa…U-Carmen eKhayelitsha which is a ” Xhosa language film based on Bizet's opera Carmen, and it won the Golden Bear Award at the Berlin Film Festival last year.

Haiti: Sixth Anniversary of Jean Dominique's Assassination

  22 April 2006

To commemorate the 6th anniversary of slain Haitian journalist Jean Dominique's death, blogger AyitiCherieConnexion talks (FR) about his life, his death and Jonathan Demme's The Agronomist. The blogger also treats us to a slideshow of the human rights activist in action.

Cuba: Festival of Poor Cinema

  17 April 2006

Malmi announces (es) the 4th International Festival of Poor Cinema, which takes place in Gibara, Cuba, from April 17-23, and discusses the festival's background and philosophy. “Those new technologies,” writes Malmi, “that widen the gap between rich and poor, when applied to the world of the image, allow for films...

Cambodian film festival

  14 April 2006

The theme for this year's Cambodian Film Festival is “Independent Visions”. The organisers are seeking Cambodian and non-Cambodian entries. Diacritic.org has the details.

Spain: What You Want to Hear

  13 April 2006

As handy and effective as the text-based Internet is, it sure doesn't communicate emotions well. Not like film. Which is why I wholeheartedly recommend that everyone watches Guillermo Zapata's short film, Lo que tú quieras oír (What you want to hear). Licensed with Creative Commons, even if you don't understand...

Hong Kong: Same sex discourse

  12 April 2006

Has Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain given homophobia a foothold within the Cantonese language? The flagrant harbour blogger gives us the both the short and long answer in ‘Brokeback Mounting.’

Dominican Republic: Deportees and film premiere

  12 April 2006

Daily Dominican Republic News reports that the US Immigration and Naturalization Service has deported 942 Dominican ex-convicts so far this year, and that the premiere of the film “The Feast of the Goat”, based on Mario Vargas Llosa's novel about Dominican dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, took place in Santo Domingo.

Pulse of the Saudi Blogosphere

It's another eventful week in the Saudi blogosphere, so let's get started with our weekly roundup… Providing a proper work environment for Saudi women was one of the major goals of the new labor law that was published few months ago, but the question is: how the employers are going...

Bahamas: Brokeback banned

  4 April 2006

Sir Arthur Foulkes discusses the banning of the film “Brokeback Mountain” in the Bahamas, comparing the incident with another film banned back in 1950: “No Way Out”, starring Bahamian-born Sidney Poitier.

Guyana: Movie review in Creolese

  3 April 2006

Itchy-footed Guyana-gyal reviews an Austrian film — in Creolese, no less: “Man, when I tell you some parts o’ Europe poor, believe me, they raggedy poor. And you should see Croatia after the war. Tragic.”

China: Corporate art

  3 April 2006

Supernaut hopes to be back in time for Guangzhou-based artist Cao Fei's “What are they doing here” show—sponsored by the Siemens arts program—in which the corporation's employees’ hopes, dreams, anxieties and expectations are visualized through light installations, a studio performance and a video. “In this work,” says the press release,...

Hong Kong: Film festival

  3 April 2006

sevenyearsinchina's Han Girl bids good farewell to the recent Rugby Sevens tournament held on Hong Kong island and welcomes the Hong Kong International Film Festival, which begins tomorrow. “Today I picked up a leaflet of a play called ‘ 1587 A year of no significance – a complete record of...