· August, 2007

Stories about Film from August, 2007

Mongolia: Kazakh eagle hunters

  29 August 2007

American filmmaker Joseph Spaid tells readers about his film Kiran over Mongolia over at neweurasia. The documentary portrays a young Mongolized Kazakh youth from the urban capital who is taken into an apprenticeship by a true Kazakh eagle master.

Russia: The Strugatsky Brothers

  28 August 2007

De Rebus Antiquis Et Novis writes about the famous Soviet science fiction writers, the Strugatsky brothers: “For some reason, I was sure until recently that these books are so good that they will remain to be the favourite books of the new generations of geeks for a long time. Strangely,...

Japan: Crazy for a Bug

  26 August 2007

A catchy tune about a funny-looking bug that bites people's bums and makes them happy, featured regularly as filler between children's programming on the national broadcaster NHK, is catching on like crazy across Japan. In this post, read more about the thinking behind the song, reactions from Japanese bloggers, and a post from one of the creators of the clip.

Japan: Time-lapse Tokyo

  25 August 2007

Pink Tentacle brings together ten great time-lapse videos shot in Tokyo, including one of 35 years of construction in Shinjuku, one of the construction of Roppongi Hills, one of a trip along the Yamanote Line, and one of lighting striking in Higashiyama.

China: Independent Films

  20 August 2007

Mary Ann O'Donnell blogs a weekend party among independent films makers in Shenzhen. There were six independent films presented in the “old man party“.

Tanzania: The making of the movie, Bongoland II

  20 August 2007

If you can make a movie in Dar es Salaam, then you can make a movie anywhere: “First there are production and logistical issues. The production issues were easily resolved because we had anticipated those and planned for them. What we did not anticipate are the issues beyond our control…traffic...

Liberia: Iron Ladies of Liberia – a documentary

  16 August 2007

A documentary about Liberia, Iron Ladies of Liberia, has made into the Toronto Film Festival: “Did you hear that the film “Iron Ladies of Liberia” made it into the Toronto Film Festival? Heard there is a big screening at the opening of the UN General Counsel this fall as well…will...