· June, 2006

Stories about Film from June, 2006

India: Guru Dutt and 1957

  30 June 2006

DoZ catches Pyaasa, a movie made in 1957 and wonders, “There is no three-point program to improve the sum total of the hero’s happiness in fifty-five minutes. When you make your life that deterministic, the risk of unhappiness only seems to go up.”

China: Four months later

  24 June 2006

Beijing or Bust blogger and documentary maker Hao Wu has now been in prison for four months for a crime that has Chinese authorities have yet to announce. More than a month ago, Hao's sister Nina was informed that her younger brother would be denied legal representation.

“Pirates of the Caribbean” protest

  23 June 2006

Amerindian issues blog The CAC Review publishes a press release announcing that the Garifuna American Heritage Foundation United will be holding a protest against the World Premiere of Disney film “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” on Saturday 24 June in Anaheim, California.

Guyana: New Guyana film festival

  23 June 2006

Kyk-Over-Al announces the inaugural International Guyanese Film & Video Festival, which aims “to celebrate cinematic achievement in films and video in short format, feature-length dramatic or documentary projects with at least one Guyanese or a person of Guyanese heritage in a key creative role.”

Singapore: Bollywood Dancing

  21 June 2006

Pari at Daisyinthesdust blog is talking about her Bollywood dancing experience. “Thoughts of performing the kinds of dance moves I see in Bollywood movies threatened to leave me in hysterics. I like the style as it is carefree and leaves a lot to self-expression rather than precision. Trouble is that...

Martinique: Joseph Zobel, Author of Sugar Cane Alley, Dies

  20 June 2006

Le Blog de [Moi] announces (Fr): “Martiniquan writer Joseph Zobel, author of the novel Rue Cases-Negres [a.k.a Sugar Cane Alley or Black Shack Alley in English] (brought to the big screen by Euzhan Palcy), passed away Saturday (June 17) at the age of 91 (…) in the Gard where he...

This Week In Palestinian Blogs: Fire Dancing

The shelling of a Gaza beach few days ago which resulted in several deaths, continues to be a priority story for Palestinian bloggers this week; specifically the unresolved issue of responsibility. While Kabobfest takes a look at the findings, Moi from My Occupation thinks this may be another Israeli cover-up...

Caribbean: Boycott Pirates of the Caribbean

  19 June 2006

Indigenous issues blog The CAC Review calls for a boycott of the Disney film Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, in a post which also recounts some of the controversy surrounding the filming of parts of the movie on location in Dominica. The post also includes a link to...

China: Blogs for the ladies and the superstars

  17 June 2006

If a Chinese-language version of something called Blogerati existed, portal website Sina.com would most likely be it. Is it a surprise that two of Sina's three top bloggers are women? At third spot is media mogul Hong Huang (洪晃), ex-wife of Farewell My Concubine director Chen Kaige and daughter of...

Bahamas: “Brokeback” and censorship

  16 June 2006

Nassau Bahamas Vacation reports that a group of lecturers at the College of Bahamas were refused permission by the Plays and Films Control Board to screen the film “Brokeback Mountain” in the context of a public lecture on the topic “Church, State and Human Rights: The Politics of Censorship”. “Brokeback...

Lust, Caution

  14 June 2006

Danny Bloom in Japundit provided some backgrounds on the Ang Lee's latest film “Lust, Caution”. The original story by the late Chinese novelist Eileen Chang (張愛玲) (1920-1995) is only about 10 pages long.

China: the phone number in Mission Impossible 3

  14 June 2006

There is one scene in Mission Impossible 3 taken at Shanghai old city where a phone number “13347707266” painted on an old wall just over Tom Cruise's left shoulder. A netizen traced the number and wrote an interesting “mission” story. ESWN has translated the story into English.

China: Miss media mogul

  12 June 2006

Today on Danwei TV comes the second part of an interview with the returnee daughter of a Mao-era higher-up turned Capitalist media mogul, one of China's most successful, from Danwei‘s Anna Sophie Loewenberg, Jeremy Goldkorn and Fernando Fidanza

Latest in French-Speaking Blogs of the Caribbean and Oceania

  12 June 2006

NEW CALEDONIA Annoella near Gadji, New Caledonia. By Sebastien Merion. A few months ago, we learned that Sebastien and Annoella of 5 minutes en Nouvelle Caledonie got married in Mauritius. Now watch a video of the newlyweds hiking up a hill overlooking the lovely beaches of Gadji. The post provides...

China: Freethinking young writer takes on the cultural establishment

  10 June 2006

With the majority of China's artists and intellectuals having been silenced or executed earlier this century, what does that say about that generation's thinkers who are still around today? Han Han (韩寒), perhaps the one post-eighties writer most read by those under thirty, gave birth to a huge controversy earlier...