· September, 2008

Stories about Film from September, 2008

Taiwan: The Return of Local Cinema

  26 September 2008

This summer, Taiwanese cinema is not only celebrating a comeback, but is also shining like the sun. No matter how strongly the typhoon hits Taiwan, movie theaters are witnessing hundreds, if not thousands, of people waiting in line just for the new film, “Cape No.7“. The movie became a blockbuster...

Lusosphere: Saramago, 85 years, Nobel Laureate, Blogger

  24 September 2008

A week ago, the 1998 Nobel Prize winner for literature - the first and only Portuguese language writer - started his own blog: Saramago's Notebook, which he describes as his "infinite page on the Internet", has been welcomed by bloggers from many Portuguese speaking countries. But what does it take to become a blogger?

Trinidad & Tobago: Film Festival

  24 September 2008

“We need a film festival like America needs to not vote for McCain,” says Trinidadian blogger Attillah Springer, but warns: “It shouldn’t just be about film as business. What about art for art’s sake? Money can’t be the only thing that motivates our capacity to create.”

Japan: DVD release by Politician Yuri Fujikawa

  20 September 2008

The upcoming release [ja] of a DVD featuring 27-year-old Japanese politician Yuri Fujikawa [藤川 優里], member of the Hachinohe city [八戸市] assembly in Aomori Prefecture [青森県], is all the talk in the forums [ja]. Back when she first joined office in January of this year, Fujikawa was called “too beautiful”...

YouTube Contest for aspiring journalists

  18 September 2008

As I had mentioned back in August, YouTube and The Pulitzer Center have launched Project: Report, a contest for aspiring journalists and now the full rules and instructions are up. The contest and awards are limited to participants who are legal residents of countries where YouTube is officially launched: Australia,...

World Bank Film Competition – Social Dimensions of Climate Change

  15 September 2008

The world bank has a call for submissions of short 2-5 minute documentaries that show the social effects or aspects of climate change. The deadline for the competition is October 24th 2008. They would like submissions from developing countries (particularly from the youth), covering any of the following categories. -...

Sierra Leone: Movie Stars Wanted

  11 September 2008

Wanted in Sierra Leone: Movie Stars!, “The search for new movie stars has kicked off in Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown last weekend. The programme dubbed “The Next Movie Star” aims at discovering future actors and actresses in the West Africa region. Two people would be selected to represent Sierra Leone.”

China: The Mummy 3

  9 September 2008

Many Chinese are angry about the Mummy3 and find the movie insulting Chinese people. More from Chinasmack.

Colombia: Documentary of Massacre by Paramilitary Groups

  9 September 2008

La Guayabita [es] transcribes a documentary on the murder of 40 people in February 2000 in El Salado, in the region of Bolívar, Colombia, by the paramilitary groups. In the film, a survivor tells of how after the horrifying massacre, her calls for help to the National and International Red...

Jordan: Any thoughts on Body of Lies?

  4 September 2008

“Ridley Scott’s latest film, Body of Lies, starring Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio, is set to release this fall.  In this thriller, a CIA operative in Amman who is trailing a high-ranking terrorist gets some unexpected help from the head of Jordan’s intelligence agency. Any thoughts?” asks an American in...

Jordan: First Oscar Submission

  3 September 2008

“Jordan has officially chosen “Captain Abu Raed” as its first submission to the foreign film category at the Oscars. This is really exciting for all of us who worked hard on making this film a reality,” writes Jordanian blogger Bataranzi.

Costa Rica: National Films Gain Positive Reviews

  2 September 2008

Two films, produced locally in Costa Rica have captured the attention of local moviegoers, as well as bloggers. El Cielo Rojo (The Red Sky) is about youth in the country, and El Camino (The Road) captures the desire of many to begin a journey. This is the first article for Global Voices Online by our newest author Jenny Cascante.