· June, 2009

Stories about Film from June, 2009

Metropolis TV and Hivos: Independent People Videos

  23 June 2009

Metropolis TV is a Hivos and VPRO TV project based in the Netherlands, which brings together film-makers and civil video journalists from all over the world to record and transmit different aspects of life and culture in their homeland. Following, a few videos selected and played on the Netherlands TV station VPRO forWorld Humanist Day around a specific subject: to recognize individuals who live under the ideal of independence and being in control of their own lives.

Morocco: Lost Affection with the Silver Screen

Collective blog The View from Fez reports on the dramatic decrease in the number of movie theatres in Morocco and their shrinking audiences. “In a country of more than 30 million people, there are currently only 50 cinemas, down from 70 just last year. They were 250 in 1995,” notes...

Japan: HBS on Japanese Anime Industry

  15 June 2009

Matt Alt links to a Harvard Business School working paper (pdf) on the state of the Japanese anime industry: “If Japan wants to bank on its ‘Gross National Cool’, it will have to overcome the inertia of system that has essentially reduced its most talented architects to the level of...

South Africa: Trailer of the film “Prodigal Son”

  11 June 2009

Leo Africanus writes posts a video of the movie “Prodigal Son”: The trailer for “Prodigal Son,” a film by Kurt Orderson, a South African director, who sets out to retrace his great-grandfather’s journey from Barbados (he was a merchant sailor ) to Cape Town at the beginning of the 20th...

Japan: Akira Kurosawa Digital Archive

  3 June 2009

Johnny at Spoon & Tamago excitedly introduces a digital archive of film director Akira Kurosasawa from Ryukoku University: “Consisting of over 20,000 photographs, manuscripts, notes and other artifacts, this is easily the most extensive database of memorabilia related to the director and his work, as well as a fascinating look...

A Pakistani Actor In Star Trek

  1 June 2009

A Pakistani shines in Hollywood – CHUP! – Changing Up Pakistan discusses “the casting of Pakistani actor Faran Tahir as Captain Robau in the recent box office hit Star Trek.”