· May, 2006

Stories about Film from May, 2006

Mexico: Preview of Open Source Movie Elephants Dream

  31 May 2006

Eduardo Arcos informs his readers that a preview showing of the film “Elephants Dream,” which was made using only open source software and is licensed with a Creative Commons 2.5 attribution license will be shown on Friday, June 2 at Non solo bar in Mexico City.

Iran: Syriana in Iran!

Hanif Mazroi, Iran based blogger & journalist, says George Clooney's Syriana was broadcasted on Iranian Channel 3. Mazroi, who had already seen movie in English version, adds that in Persian version, dialogues have been changed so much that we thought Clooney and others are playing a new script written by...

Sri Lanka: Da Vince Code Banned

  25 May 2006

The Da Vinci Code has been banned in Sri Lanka. Deane's Dimension on the issue – “On a more personal note, I, myself being a practicing catholic don’t think anything depicted in the movie (or the book) will change my prospective on the religion I was brought up on. The...

South Asia: Homosexuality and Islam

  25 May 2006

How does one place sexuality within the larger framework of faith? Morofilm points to a film ‘Name of Allah’ which “With unprecedented access and depth, gay Muslim filmmaker Parvez Sharma brings to light the hidden lives of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Muslims and goes where the silence has been...

Malaysia: Finding the Banned Movie

  24 May 2006

Brand New Malaysian finds that one can actually find the video CDs of the banned movie “Lelaki Komunis Terakhir”. The blogger also links to another post that has background information on Chin Peng. The movie features some of the places where Chin Peng lived in and operated from.

The Global Voices Show #1

  24 May 2006

Global Voices is pleased to announce the first of our new magazine-style podcasts, which aim to do for online audio what the Global Voices web site does for text blogs — introduce listeners to some of the exciting offerings from podcasters around the world. In this episode we feature the...

Argentina: “The Take”

  23 May 2006

Jon of Posthegemony reviews Avi Lewis's and Naomi Klein's film “The Take” about the Argentine movement to take over and recuperate abandoned factories and argues that “Lewis and KIein are blithely unconcerned by the fact that the justification for the factory takeovers is presented very much in line with neoliberal...

China: Discoveries in the desert

  23 May 2006

Haven't had time to follow the news out of northwestern China's muslim-dominated Xinjiang province over the past three months? Davesgonechina at Musing Under The Tenement Palm rounds up the relevant stories, including two discoveries in the desert; one of a 2,200 year-old peach-shaped city and a 26 year-old mummy, the...

Belarus: Soviet Pioneer Oranization's Anniversary

Ivan Lenin of Rush-Mush marks the 84th anniversary of Lenin All-Union Pioneer Organization by retelling one Belarusian bloggers’ story (in Russian) on how he got expelled from this Soviet youth organization “right before his 10th birthday.” TOL's Belarus Blog writes about the Belarusian blogosphere's reaction to the decision to withdraw...

China: World takeover screenplay

  22 May 2006

Is the identity of China Confidential‘s ‘mysteriously’ anonymous Confidential Reporter soon to be revealed? And is a Da Vinci Code-style thriller about China's world domination plans and the bloggers who discover them soon to be made?

The Movie “Da Vinci Code” in South East Asia

  21 May 2006

As the movie “Da Vinci Code” starts its run across South East Asia, there have been protests and calls by Christian groups asking the governments to ban the movie. In Philippines, the capital City of Manila went ahead with the ban. Yvette on her MySpace blog is disappointed with the...

Thailand: No censorship for “Da Vinci Code”

  20 May 2006

Andrew is happy that Thailand will not censor the movie “Da Vinci Code” after all. “Yesterday it was announced that the final ten minutes of the Da Vinci Code would not be cut. Hooray! This is a victory for common sense.”

China: Catholics demand film ban

  19 May 2006

Journalist-blogger uleewang at Non-violent Resistance posts on the joining by mainland Chinese Catholics of the protest against the newly-released Hollywood film The Da Vinci Code and their demand it be banned: “[W]ho knows, common resistance against the movie may help bring up the flirtation already going on between the Chinese...