· February, 2008

Stories about Film from February, 2008

China: Box Office

  28 February 2008

Latest statistic of the China box office shows that 3,527 screens worth 5.1 billion RMB. Sun bin believes that the bloom can even be bigger if the ticket fee is reduced by 30% in major cities.

India: The Male Gaze

  26 February 2008

The Culture and Politics of Tamil Cinema on how actresses in Tamil film industry are subject to the male gaze off screen.

Japan: Evil Mickey Mouse Invasion

  26 February 2008

Edo from Pink Tentacle introduces an old propaganda animation (1934) about the future (1936) invasion of evil mickey mouse. The film is available in youtube.

China: Hu Jie

  22 February 2008

Zhai Minglei posted an interview with Hu Jie (zh), a documentary film maker, who lives with the poor with his camera.

Trinidad & Tobago: Cultural Preservation

  21 February 2008

“Even as we fret about the loss of our historic architecture, we are losing the architects of our history”: Blogging from Trinidad & Tobago, The Liming House writes about the importance of preserving “our collective memory.”

Sudan/Uganda: African Rebels on YouTube

  19 February 2008

Chris Blattman writes about African rebels on YouTube: “YouTube is turning into a surprising source of archival videos on rebels and rebel leaders. Tim Allen, a friend and anthropologist at LSE, shares with me his collection of links to short films and reports on the wars in Sudan and Uganda.”

Tanzania: Tanzanian actor in Bongoland II

  19 February 2008

Bongoland II blog writes about the Tanzanian actor, Shafii Abdul: “As we await the release of Bongoland II, we thought it is only appropriate to tell you about some of the special actors from Tanzania who were part of this amazing production. Meet Shafii Abdul a resident of Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania.”

Iran:No beautiful faces please

  14 February 2008

Kamangir writes when Iranian Fars News wanted to publish pictures from a meeting in a film festival in Tehran, they had no othere choice than to focus on the name-tags and blur out the ladies.You can see several photos here.We should say that Fars News in another photo collection did...

Brazil: Bahia Afro Film Festival

  11 February 2008

Altino Machado [pt] says that everything is ready for the Bahia Afro Film Festival, which takes place in Salvador, Brazil from November 18 through 28. “The main goal is to spread the word, to integrate and to promote debates about the films and video production, on a national and international...

Iran:A documentary about Tehran

  7 February 2008

In You Tube, we can find a trailer of “Tehran: Another Side”, a documentary produced & directed by Sam Ali Kashani. The film explores the streets of Tehran, exposing a side of the people and culture that we don't usually see in western media.

Kenya: Music for peace

  5 February 2008

Kenyan musicians make a music video for peace: “Musicians from around Kenya join to create a music video and song to help stem the violence in Kenya.”