Hindi Blogosphere: Hi-tech Blogger Meet and Match Making over Blogs!

Its no use telling that I've been quite busy off late with some unexpected emergency at office & the usual banter!! ;) So without much ado, lets have a peek into the world of Hindi blogging & know whats going on there!!

Shrish asked some frequently questions from the Inscript users which gives a good peek down the Inscript corner of Hindi's online presence while Sagar celebrated 1 year of his hindi blogging. And there sitting in Pune, Debashish(also known as grand daddy of Hindi blogging) decided to bring out photos from some older blogger meets in which he participated. No doubt he thought about showing these photos after seeing the ones from the 6 hour blogger meet in New Delhi!! ;)

On the cooking front, Pratyaksha tried to tempt us all with these sinful delights and it was just too painful for me especially since I had nothing like them at that time to quieten the urge, though later I did treat myself to a hot brownie topped with chocolate sauce & vanilla ice-cream!! :D And after telling him many times to show the photos of pasta cooked by him, Dr.R.C.Mishra finally obliged but by showing photos of pasta made by others!! But the good mood had to vanish quickly as I had decided it was time I express my dislike of reporters in words!! Their know-it-all attitude towards everything which results in mis-information & bad reporting in TV or print media really ticks me off. Here in this post also I highlight in detail 2 seperate news-reports/articles published in a daily which give wrong message to people about Internet. The articles clearly show a propoganda against Internet, as if these cheap reporters think that they will sell more by going against the latest buzzword(more & more people are starting to warm up as far as internet is concerned in India), no matter how ridiculously(read crap) they write! Following up on this post, Tarun also expressed his dislike by telling us all a joke about a reporter!! :)

There was yet another (unofficial)blogger meet at Neeraj‘s home on an otherwise uneventful sunday, but it transformed into a hi-tech blogger meet. As I posted a video covering a bit more than latter half of the meet, Italy based Dr.R.C.Mishra posted the audio recording of the conversation that we had earlier in that meet with him. So all in all, there were 4 of us bloggers at Neeraj's place(including him & yours truly) while Dr.R.C.Mishra became the 1st hindi blogger to participate remotely in a blogger meet as he joined us for a while from Italy using GTalk and Sagar became the 2nd hindi blogger to remotely participate in a blogger meet as he joined us later from Hyderabad. So while this came as a pleasant surprise to a lot of people, another was in store when next day it was announced that Shrish has been appointed manager of Sarvagya(a wiki in Hindi with useful articles ranging from enabling your computer to read/write in Hindi to making a blog etc.). Been seeing some progress since then, hats off to Shrish! :) And while we are on the subject, I must say, I'm pretty much eager to see the third & final in the series of Pirates of the Caribbean, especially after seeing this trailer!!

Not all people are comfortable in revealing their identity on internet. A number of them think that by remaining anonymous or by adopting a pseudonym provides them with a freedom by which they can be their real self, which they are not in the real world, atleast Masijeevi thinks like that!! But some say that only cowards hide behind masks, else why would they hide!! Somehow this reminds me of Toby Maguire's Spiderman(first one) where on hearing about the masked saviour, the editor of Daily Bugle said something like that!! ;) Clearly Masijeevi ticked some people off & he is not alone, there are other masked characters in hindi blogosphere as well. But as the saying goes, you can't beat those who use their brains & so as per the last reports, the identities of Masijeevi & others had been successfully established!! How long can one hide, even Spidy was un-masked in the second movie!! ;)

Shrish contemplated should he upgrade his PC & go for Windows Vista or not & in that contemplation, he wrote a post about it on his blog detailing the requirements, pros & cons of upgrading & not upgrading!! Kalpatru asked whether money can be made from internet, a question which he also raised in the hindi discussion forum, Paricharcha, where he got more than satisfactory answers!! Mirchi Seth meanwhile in a rather unscrupulous manner, announced that he's got the new Blackberry Pearl!!

Pakistan's early exit from Cricket World Cup followed by the suspicious death of their coach followed by India's early exit raised many questions. I've suddenly developed a bitter taste in my mouth remembering that night, so I'd just skip this section, a lot has already been said & a lot more will follow, given that Cricket is a sort of religion in these two countries, given that India was one of the finalists in last world cup where they lost to two time champion Australia, given that both the teams lost to lesser teams due to their overdose of confidence & complacency!!

Google will now issue power-pedal bicycles and “Google” inscribed helmets to about two thousand of its employees in Europe, Africa & Middle-East to commute between their homes & offices, reported Kamal. The search giant is doing this keeping in mind that it'll keep its employees fit and will also contribute towards checking the pollution in those cities.

On the matter of plagiarism of some indian blogs by Yahoo! India, Yahoo! did issue a public apology & removed the content in question, putting all blame on its content provider's head, but recent resignation of Ajay Nambiar(Head of Content) & Niyati Sen Gupta(Head of Entertainment) of Yahoo! India does seem fishy & too much to be a coincidence!! ;)

And now the cream of this post. Ashish, the most eligible bachelor in hindi blogosphere, has decided to tie knot & get married, and the bride to be is the niece of none other but veteran hindi blogger Ravi Ratlami, who was the one to propose the match which was then later accepted by both the families!! :) Many best wishes to both Ashish & Nivedita.

Thats all for this issue folks, au revoir!! :)

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