· July, 2006

Stories about Film from July, 2006

Argentina: Cosmos Theater to Close

  27 July 2006

Jeff Barry points readers to a post on Pasa en Buenos Aires, a new blog run by the city, about the closure of the Cosmos theater (ES). Speaking of cinema, Lovers Go Home gives some short reviews (ES) of recent movies and Robert Wright had just walked out of the...

India: The Corporation

  25 July 2006

Dispatches from Zembla reviews a Canadian documentary, The Corporation – reflecting on trends in business, the market and everything else.

Guatemala: Migration Documentary

  24 July 2006

Patrick posts a clip from Luis Argueta's most recent documentary, “And There I Am Documenting Silent Voices,” which follows the stories of Guatemalans who emigrate to the U.S.

Bahrain: Up and away

Bahraini Rants the new superman movie: “… it was cool, but it brought about a lot of superhero movie talk.. Would it kill Superman to use his powers for a little personal betterment.. if you had superman’s powers, how would you use them? Would you go out and risk your...

China: Journey to the West

  19 July 2006

There are some discussions about Spielberg’s plans to remake Journey to the West. However, some worries that western director will turn the Monkey King into his Hollywood cousin, King Kong. Peijin Chen puts up a report in Shanghaiist.

Guatemala: Two Documentaries

  13 July 2006

Need a break from the sea of words online? Patrick at Guatemala Solidarity Network highlights an excerpt from the documentary, ‘Guatemala No Nos Tientes’ as well as a series of links to ‘Entremosle a Guate,’ a “fresh and interesting documentary series on the issues facing Guatemalans today.”

South Korea: Anti-Amercian movie?

  9 July 2006

The USFK bashing Korean movie, “The Host” is about to begin screening in Korea; GI Korea Blog comments that the movie is too anti-American. However, Michael Hurt from Scribblings of the Metropolitician disagrees and suggests other to “go see the film – Americans might bristle uncomfortably for a few minutes,...

Egypt: Censor The Yacoubian Building?

The Yacoubian Building, a movie based on Alaa Al-Aswani's bestselling novel, is to be reviewed by the Egyptian parliament after 112 MPs demanded censorship of the homosexual scenes in the movie. They have criticised the movie saying it defames Egypt by portraying homosexuality, terrorism and corruption, MMM said.

Serbia: Photographic Film on Serbia in the 1990s

Viktor of Belgrade Blog posts a film by journalist Nadezda Milenkovic, which “consists of pictures by Goranka Matic, one of our best photographers, showing Serbia in the nineties, and the voice you hear is Slobodan Milosevic and his twisted view on the world (that's why i didn't bother translating). You...