· April, 2007

Stories about Film from April, 2007

Bolivia: Screening of “Cocalero” in the Chapare

  27 April 2007

Much of the world's interest in Bolivia has to do with the first indigenous president, Evo Morales. He got his start as a union leader with the coca growers in the Chapare region of Bolivia. A recent documentary called “Cocalero” followed Morales during his victorious campaign of 2005. The film's...

India: Meeting a Star

  26 April 2007

Sheetal Goel meets a superstar and is rather smitten. “For those who don't know me, here's something you need to know. Shah Rukh Khan was my first love, at the age of 13. And without gushing too much about him and my love for him, suffice to say I'd been...

China: Spiderman in Beijing Street?

  26 April 2007

Whether pirated copies of Spiderman III DVD are sold in Beijing Street or just empty boxes? Reuters and Sony have different versions of the story. So Chinese pirates have actually beaten anyone else in selling empty boxes claiming to be Spidey III, thus doing a masterful job of pranking foreign...

India: Provoked

  25 April 2007

An Anthropologist Wannabe on the film Provoked. “Having said that however, I think the movie should be seen because it speaks very strongly about domestic violence suffered by women. And in recent years, South-Asian women in Canada, especially from the immigrant Punjabi community, have witnessed a rise in the number...

Tanzania: blog about Swahili film in the US

  25 April 2007

A blog about a Swahili film, Bongoland II: “This weekend we conducted screen tests for JUMA. The process went well and we were very impressed by the brave souls who dared to take on the challenge. We also want to thank those who made sacrifices to be at the event...

Jordan: Yacoubian Building

Jordanian blogger Natasha Tynes, who lives in the US, had the chance to watch Egyptian movie Yacoubian Building and gives us her thoughts on it here. “The person introducing the movie at the festival said two things of interest. One: The actual residents of the building are suing the author...

Africa: Fascination with movies about Africa

  21 April 2007

Kizzie writes about Hoolywood's new fascination with movies about Africa: “I'm not going to be surprised if I go to the movies in a few weeks to watch a movie about Sudan! wait a minute, they are filming emma's war right now! I'm sure the world will be thrilled by...

Thailand: Call to Free Thai Cinema

  21 April 2007

FACT – Freedom Against Censorship Thailand is urging the National Legislative Assembly and The Thai Government to free Thai cinema from the whims of censorship authorities. “We demand the National Legislative Assembly decree the movies a form of mass media, and that it be liberated from the shackles of state...

India and Bollywood Buzz

  20 April 2007

This week Bollywood was the dominant topic of conversation among bloggers. Bollywood dominated for a couple of reasons.  The first one is the wedding of the year or the decade or the century however you want to dub it. If you missed the news then here it is: Bollywood's hottest pair...

Cuba: Michael Moore

  16 April 2007

“…With his latest project, filmmaker Michael Moore reveals himself as a ‘sicko,’ willing to use some seriously ill veterans of the ground zero cleanup in New York to help the Castro dictatorship score a few public relations points,” writes Uncommon Sense, linking to a New York Post report on the...

Senegal: hip hop meets politics

  13 April 2007

Tune Your World posts a documentary, African Underground: Democracy in Dakar, which shows the role of hip hop in Senegalese politics, “Our friends at Nomadic Wax are in Senegal this month producing a unique documentary film, called ‘African Underground: Democracy in Dakar’, showing how local hip-hop is shaping the current...

Trinidad & Tobago: Moko Jumbie Movie

  13 April 2007

Stefan Falke's Eye takes note of German filmmaker Harald Rumpf's documentary about the Moko Jumbies (stilt walkers) of the Dragon Kilimanjaro School of Arts & Culture in Trinidad and Tobago.

Egypt: Torture Video Out

Egyptian blogger Ibn Al Dunya provides a link to the first part of a video on torture in Egypt, which landed Al Jazeera journalist Houwaida Taha into trouble with the law. “The interesting thing about this particular documentary is that it´s focus is on the everyday man on the street,...

Ukraine: Film Debut

  12 April 2007

MoldovAnn writes on playing a foreigner in a Ukrainian movie about an orphanage child: “So, our part is literally in the last two minutes of the film, and we are far from the focus of any scene. But hell, we’ll be in the credits!”