· August, 2006

Stories about Film from August, 2006

Jamaica: White martyrs, Black savages

  31 August 2006

Having watched the trailer for a newly released film set in Uganda, Jamaican novelist Marlon James announces that he's sick and tired of “stories of a white man trapped in black (and sometimes yellow) hell where in the midst of all this inhumanity he discovers what it means to be...

India: Is The World Really Flat? It looks like.

  31 August 2006

This round-up is a patchwork quilt of blog postings with a global flavor. And flavor is the key word since we end our journey with a culinary post that takes us back to the 15th century which was the start of another globalization era....

Tanzania: Darwin's Nightmare

  25 August 2006

Bongoland Reflections offers his views on Darwin’s Nightmare, a documentary that has stirred controversy and angered the government of Tanzania for drawing a connection between fish trade and illegal arms trade in Lake Victoria: “The documentary is an insightful look at how globalization has failed to benefit the poor. It...

Boliiva: Film: Lo Más Bonito y Mis Mejores Años

  25 August 2006

Eduardo Ávila heads to the Latin American film festival in Cochabamba to watchLo Más Bonito y Mis Mejores Años: “By far, this is the best Bolivian movie that I have seen, as it really captures life in Cochabamba and I recognize so much of what takes place within the film....

Kazakhstan: Responding to Borat

  23 August 2006

Sean Roberts reports that awarenes of Kazakhstan in the United States is much higher than it was a few years ago as a result of Sascha Baron-Cohen's “Borat” character. He notes that an official Kazakh media campaign campaign promoting the country in the leadup to President Nursultan Nazarbaev's visit to...

Nepal: Svankmajer's political allegory

  23 August 2006

Samudaya.org on Svankmajer's Lunancy – “Svankmajer appears in the opening scene to present a short monologue: the film, he says, debates the ideology governing the operation of a lunatic asylum—whether to run on the principle of absolute freedom, or an absolute system of control and punishment.”

China: SARFT and farts, castrations feigned and intended: let the spoofing begin!

  17 August 2006

In a recent edition of MindMeters columnist Fang Jun's Marriagement column entitled Love in the Internet Age [zh] is a spoiler of the recently-released Hollywood movie Hard Candy: 危险的水果硬糖 Dangerous Fruit Hard Candy 《Hard Candy》是我看的第一部与网络密切相关的电影。中文翻译为《水果硬糖》,其实“Hard candy”是网络俚语,指未成年少女。 Hard Candy is the first movie I've seen that deals with internet intimacy. It's...

China: community DV shoot

  17 August 2006

Joel Martinsen in DANWEI reports on a community DV shoot project in Beijing's Tiantongyuan neigbourhood. The 30 minutes film is titled How can I rescue you, my daughter?

Peru: Audio of Film Festival Seminars

  16 August 2006

Did you miss last week's Festival Elcine in Lima, Peru? Not to worry, the audio from the lectures and seminars have all been released for free on the internet, according to (ES) Audiovisual Peruano.

China and Japan: the Ants

  16 August 2006

Richard in the Peking Duck introduces a new Japanese movie “the Ants” which explores the topic of WWII war crime with merciless honesty.

This Week In Palestinian Blogs: Summer Rain

August 11th saw another weekly non-violent protest in Bil’in take a wrong turn as the Israeli army attacked protesters with rubber bullets and sound grenades as they marched toward the Separation Wall. International Solitary Movement reported fourteen people injured including an Israeli activist. Bethlehem Bloggers has a first hand account...

Posts from Peru

  11 August 2006

Some of the recent political news inspired new posts in Peruvian blogs; here are some of them: Jomra takes a look at Quechua in Congress: a small step for a language forgotten by the State (ES). The post discusses the consequences of an incident that took place during the initial...

Bloggers Opinion of Sanfic Film Festival in Chile

  10 August 2006

Sanfic is an international film festival in Santiago held from the 8th to the 12th of august. Countries from all over the world participate in the exhibition, such as the Philippines, Canada, France, Germany, Thailand, Mexico and others. More than 100 productions can bee seen. This is the second year...