· November, 2006

Stories about Film from November, 2006

Jamaica: RIP, Perry Henzell

  30 November 2006

Geoffrey Philp pays tribute to Perry Henzell, director of the Jamaican cult classic The Harder They Come, who passed away today.

Nigeria: challenges for Nollywood

  26 November 2006

Zaynab A. Omaki writes about Nollywood, the Nigerian film industry, in the sub-Saharana Africa roundtable, “For all is flaws, however, Nollywood has been able to create a sense of nationhood. Nigerians identify their film industry as being wholly their own, even if they don’t identify with its productions. That’s why...

Zimbabwe: Zimbabwean film-maker wins first prize

  25 November 2006

A Zimbabwean filmmaker, Tawanda Gunda Mupengo, wins first prize at the Dakar Film Festival for his short film, Spell My Name, “The film is about a young albino girl sexually abused by the headmaster of her school and a young teacher who stands up to protect her.”

East Africa: films in East Africa

  25 November 2006

First there was Hollywood, then Bollywood followed by Nollywood. Here comes Bongowood, a blog about films made in East Africa and about East Africa. Bongo is a colloquial name for Tanzania.

Jamaica:”Borat” and the thin line

  16 November 2006

For the Jamaican blogger BassChocolate, watching — and laughing at — the film Borat raises some conflicting issues: “Many Jamaicans are offended with Americans portray us as Weed Orgy Central. How would we feel if we were portrayed in a major motion picture as a country which condoned rape and...

Blogging About India, NRIs, Bollywood and Ice Cricket

  16 November 2006

New blog aggregator, what does it take to buy a home in Bangalore, NRIs, English  Bollywood , ice cricket are some of the things we look in this round-up. There is a new blog aggregator from India with a different voice.  Check it out, it is called Blog Bharti. The...

Mali: New Film on African Debt

  15 November 2006

Le Pangolin encourages (Fr) readers to go see Bamako, a Malian film directed by Abderrhamanne Sissako which tackles the issue of African debt. The film recently received the Grand Prix du Public at the Cannes Film Festival.

Voices from South Asia

  13 November 2006

Bangladesh: Asif of Unheard Voices: Drishtipat Group Blog analyzes the current political situation in Bangladesh and urges all the Bangladeshis to take a non-partisan moral stand to get out of the current crisis. Andrew Morris writes an essay in Desicritics about the historical faces of Dhaka city titled Bangladesh Diary:...

Cambodia: Minefield Trip

  11 November 2006

The filmmakers writing the lianlian blog take an unusual trip in Cambodia. “But then, Aki Ra invited us to join him on a demining expedition. The offer caught us off-guard. Triggered long, heated discussions and caused a few sleepless nights. How dangerous exactly, was a minefield? Did we really need...

Moldova: Borat in Moldova and Romania

  6 November 2006

Peter Myers of Adventures in Moldova writes about Borat: “ Borat's “Kazakh village” was in fact filmed in Romania, so it was fun to watch the first four minutes of the film on YouTube and know what all these villagers were saying to Borat. His “wife,” Oxana, didn't say what...

Kazakhstan: Borat Opens

  6 November 2006

Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat, the story/mockumentary telling a “Kazakh” journalist's quest across America to marry Pamela Anderson, opened over the weekend in North America much of Europe and neweurasia looks at different perspectives on how the movie affects Kazakhstan.