· July, 2007

Stories about Education from July, 2007

Pakistan: More on Lal Masjid

  3 July 2007

All Things Pakistan links to various media reports on the shootout at Lal Masjid. There is an interesting discussion on in the comments space.

Kuwait is like a Cinema

Kuwaiti bloggers have more than meets the eyes. This week we hear from a Kuwaiti teacher, a film maker and an artist. We also see how one blogger reacted when the electricity was cut at work and why a vital pedestrian crossing between two sections of a mall comes to a standstill at 11pm.

Liberia: we gave you power, give us education

  1 July 2007

Liberia Stories writes about the protest by the students of the University of Liberia: “I was there in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today, when hundreds of University of Liberia students took to the streets. They did it in support of their professors who are on strike until...

Malawi: Windmill genius, burying the first lady, and other things Malawian

  1 July 2007

The most exciting phenomenon in the Malawian blogosphere as I am writing is the 19-year-old William Kamkwamba. Five years ago, William dropped out of secondary school just after two terms due to lack of money for school fees. Visiting a nearby school library supplied by the Malawi Teacher Training Activity (MTTA), a USAID project, he one day found a book on how to make electricity using home-made materials, and today he has not only built a windmill that is attracting attention around the world, he was also given a standing ovation at the Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) conference, held June 4-7 in Arusha, Tanzania.