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Cuba: Limitations on an Internet Cafe

  21 March 2008

Potro Salvaje [es] provides details on an internet cafe in Havana, Cuba with plenty of limitations such as, “It is not possible to use any item to store or transport data (CDs, diskettes, flash memory), the line to use a PC can take more than two hours, there is no...

Peru: Inflation Affecting Consumers

  21 March 2008

Inflation is beginning to affect the pockets of Peruvian more and more. Silvio Rendon of Gran Combo Club [es] writes about the rise in prices and whether president Alan Garcia “does not want to see this reality.”

Bolivia: Maradona on the Pitch

  21 March 2008

Diego Maradona was in Bolivia for a football match to raise funds for the flood victims, as well as to protest the veto of games played at a certain altitude. Boris Miranda of Ventarrón [es], a self-professed fan of the Argentine star, was on the field as a member of...

Mexico: State of Emergency in Monterrey

  18 March 2008

The metropolitan area of Monterrey, Mexico is suffering damage from heavy winds and caused two deaths to date. Most of the city is without electricity. HJ Barraza is providing updates on his twitter account.

Honduras: Mobile Theater in the Communities

  18 March 2008

The Secretariat of Culture, Art and Sports in Honduras is sponsoring a Mobile Theater, where young actors are able to travel to different communities role playing different scenarios that Hondurans face on a daily basis, writes Julia Gómez of Un Souvenir [es].

El Salvador: The Death of Rutilio Grande

  17 March 2008

The priest, Rutilio Grande was murdered thirty-one years ago in El Salvador. Hunnapuh [es] writes about this death that created a change in Oscar Romero and changed his way of thinking in regards to the Church's role in the conflict in the country.

Nicaraguan: The Garbage Problem in Managua

  17 March 2008

Garbage is piling up in the Nicaraguan capital of Managua, which may lead to greater health problems. Political tensions between President Ortega and the Mayor Marenco are not helping things writes Nicaraguan Report.

Panama: PRD Elections

  16 March 2008

Luis Polo Roa of Tu Politica [es] writes about and analyzes the elections for the new leaders of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) in Panama.

Guatemala: What the State is Like

  16 March 2008

“The State of Guatemala has become an uncontrolable force, associated with violence, with impuntiy, and with abuse,” writes Renata Avila at Nothing is Permanent [es] as an answer to the question, “What does one think of when one says ‘State of Guatemala'?”

Cuba: A Blog About Internet Censorship

  14 March 2008

Potro Salvaje [es] (Wild Colt) is a blog about the use of internet in Cuba. “We'll talk about censorship, fliters, blocked pages, proxys, and all of the limitations that we Cubans have…”

Ecuador: Google Maps and Flood Zones

  14 March 2008

Christian Espinosa of Cobertura Digital [es] provides an update on the project of using Google Maps to show and provide more information of the areas affected by the heavy flooding in Ecuador.

Bolivia: Bars or Schools?

  11 March 2008

“More Chicherias or More Schools?” asks Pedro Velasquez from Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Chicherias are places that serve a fermented corn drink around Bolivia and is often linked to violence and drunkeness. In some cases, these establishments are located very close to schools causing distress amoung parents and school officials.

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