Adil Nurmakov · March, 2010

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Kyrgyzstan: Who needs Kurultai of Harmony

Kyrgyz blogger writes that the government of Kyrgyzstan is planning to hold the “Kurultai of Harmony” (a mass congress of community representatives from all over the country) to be chaired by the president, but many people are wondering — does the country really need it?

Tajikistan: A Color Revolution? Be careful…

The Tajikistan opposition is furious at the recent parliamentary election results and is planning massive protest actions. However, Dushanbe advises caution: the opposition must be very careful not to open themselves to accusations of fomenting a Color Revolution.

Turkmenistan: Listening to Reason?

Vlad writes about the human rights record in Turkmenistan, citing a report on the state of the country’s prisons, and the government's surprising response with reduction of the maximum pison sentence. However, the authorities still fall short on the issue of oversight, the blogger says.

Kazakhstan: Sports, Politics and Passionarity

Yesterday, Adam Kesher, a Kazakh blogger, asked a pretty rhethoric question about the state of Kazakh passionarity and devotion to the homeland, but surprisingly received a variety of answers [ru]: Lately, I have heard a story of how Belarusians were celebrating their first Vancouver medal in Minsk. In Kazakhstan it's...

Kazakhstan: Bloggers Discuss Olympian Results

Kazakhstan's performance at the Vancouver Winter Games was pretty humble with the only silver medal won by Elena Krustaleva in the women’s 15km biathlon. Elena is from Russia and until recently raced for Russia but Kazakhstan apparently bought her and the investment paid off, writes KZBlog. Pacifistt reacts [ru]: Krustaleva...