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Uzbekistan: Harrassing Journalists

  27 November 2007

Joshua Foust calls not to forget the journalists who have given their lives in the pursuit of truth, taking Uzbekistan as an example, although he notes that journalists are not being killed there as often as in, say, Russia.

Afghanistan: Baghlan Massacre

  27 November 2007

Barnett R. Rubin analyzes the aftermaths of the Baghlan bombing in Afghanistan early this month, reviewing the Senlis Council report, which, as he says, presents a misleading map of Afghanistan showing a clear frontline between a Taliban-controlled south and a government-controlled north.

Afghanistan: Baghlan bombing update

  27 November 2007

Peter Marton continues to keep a close eye on the developments in Afganistan that have followed the terror attack and blast in the Baghlan town. Now he reviews the report on the matter, prepared by the NPS Program on Culture and Conflict Studies.

Kazakhstan: Gangster Movie Hits Box Office

  22 November 2007

The first Kazakh fully commercial movie – shot, cut and promoted without state support with the purpose to extract money from the box-office – has produced a big debate in the blogosphere. “Racketeer” is a movie about a young sportsman, who had to make money in the 1990s – a...

Kazakhstan: Economic Crisis Aftermaths

  22 November 2007

In the aftermath of slight economic and financial crisis, which the government prefers to call a “correction of the market”, the bloggers keep on discussing its consequences. Sarimov says that the annual Kazakhstan’s Congress of Financiers has been postponed indefinitely. Mr. Saidenov, chairman of the National Bank, explained that the...

Kyrgyzstan: Election Thresholds Debated

  22 November 2007

The Azamat Report says that Kyrgyzstan is buzzing with discussions of the 5% and 0.5% thresholds for the parliamentary elections. Because of the ambiguous wording of the Elections Code, it was unclear how these thresholds to be calculated.

Kyrgyzstan: The Kyrgyzs Vote in Moscow

  22 November 2007

Asel writes that the Kyrgyz citizens living in Moscow will vote on the markets, as polling stations will be organized in the areas most densely populated by migrant workers from Kyrgyzstan. Asel is concerned that setting up additional polling stations along market rows could lead to falsification of voting results.

Uzbekistan: Amir Temur's Cult Cultivated

  21 November 2007

Michael Hancock reviews the book “Amir Temur in World History”, published in Uzbekistan in 1996. Mistifications substitute the real historical facts in this book, he says, and does not recommend to buy it – except as an oddity.