Adil Nurmakov · April, 2010

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Tajikistan: The scandalous lawsuit backpedaled

  16 April 2010

Alpharabius keeps an eye on the developments around a multimillion lawsuit that had been launched by the three judges against 3 leading independent newspapers in Tajikistan. The judges have offered the defendants talks to finish what they describe as “the unprecedented and widespread media campaign against the whole justice system”.

Kyrgyzstan: Resignation faxed

  16 April 2010

Kyrgyz blogger writes about the details of the resignation of ousted Kyrgyz president Bakiev. The author also attaches scans of the resignation fax from the former head of the state, as well as its translation.

Kazakhstan: Internet Users Love Opera

  16 April 2010

KZBlog informs that Opera 10 is the most popular browser in Kazakhstan. As journalists allege, this might be due to the feature which compresses web pages on a remote server. While this feature is meant to speed up browsing, it also means that the it allows to access banned websites.

Kazakhstan: Long-Awaited Almaty Metro

  16 April 2010

Michael Hancock tells about the project of long-promised metro system in Almaty, the biggest city in Kazakhstan. It is currently nearing completion, voices concerns over seismic activeness of the region and viability of the new metro.