Adil Nurmakov · February, 2011

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Uzbekistan: Unauthorized use of energy

  28 February 2011

Elina Galperin reports that Uzbekistan is systematically sneaking electricity from Kazakhstan’s power grid beyond amounts agreed between the two parties, according to the claims by the Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company (KEGOC).

Afghanistan: The price paid by children for the conflict

  20 February 2011

A UN report testifies that children in Afghanistan have been used both by anti-government elements for suicide bombings and planting explosives, and by the Afghan National Security Forces. It also covers facts of sexual violence committed by armed groups against boys and girls, Nick Fielding says.

Uzbekistan: US official visits Tashkent

  20 February 2011

Marat Sartpaev reports that U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Robert O. Blake, Jr. traveled to Uzbekistan as relations between two countries started turning less tense over the last couple years.

Kyrgyzstan: The ghost of state-level racketeering returns

  14 February 2011

Kamilla reports on a clash between the Kyrgyz authorities and Russian investors over the status of MegaCom, one of Kyrgyzstan’s leading mobile operators – while the government claims that the company’s stock has been nationalized, the Russians claim that their share (51%) is in the government’s hands for safekeeping.

Tajikistan: Dead insurgent lives forever online

  14 February 2011

Nathan Hamm writes that one of the most notorious Tajik opposition commanders Ali Bedaki, who was reportedly killed in combat operations, as been noticed on a YouTube video that shows him being interrogated in the back of a vehicle. The Tajikistan government claims the video is a fake, but the...

Tajikistan: Opposition Member Severely Beaten

  14 February 2011

Christya Riedel reports that Hikmatullo Saifullozoda, a 60 year old editor of the opposition newspaper Najot and a prominent member of the Tajikistan opposition, was brutally beaten by unidentified perpetrators near his home in the capital city Dushanbe.

Kazakhstan: Referendum Cancelled, Elections Announced

  5 February 2011

A group of citizens initiated a drive for signatures in support of a referendum to extend the incumbent president's authority until 2020 without elections, a move that was widely believed to be orchestrated from presidential administration. They collected more than 5 million signatures in less than three weeks during Christmas and New Years holidays