Adil Nurmakov · November, 2009

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Afghanistan: US opens new prison

  23 November 2009

Nick Fielding reports that the US military unveiled a new $60 million prison at Bagram airbase, north of the Afghanistan capital Kabul, saying it would provide detainees with better conditions and also promote transparency.

Kyrgyzstan: A power play beginning?

  23 November 2009

Steven_Schwerbel reviews the developments on the opposition side of the Kyrgyzstan's political field, where the major opposition party blamed the president for violation of constitution and unlawful seizure of power through the change of constitution.

Afghanistan: Corruption, corruption

  23 November 2009

Peter Marton reacts to the news that the US could start holding Afghanistan’s government accountable for corruption by withholding money for projects, and says that corruption in this country often is a consequence of the US policies.

Uzbekistan: Thank you, cotton-growers!

  8 November 2009

Musafirbek says that the president of Uzbekistan officially thanked the cotton-growers for gathering the harvest of this strategic product for Uzbekistan. However, those who sweat away, collecting this cotton (including children) were not mentioned in the president’s address.

Mongolia: New Prime Minister

  8 November 2009

Bilguun watched the change of the government in Mongolia, starting from resignation of S.Bayar under health reasons, nomination of Su.Batbold (then Minister of Foreign Relations) and his instatement.