Adil Nurmakov · January, 2010

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Afghanistan: Behind the London Conference

  31 January 2010

Dafydd watches the London international conference on Afghanistan and opines that the organisers’ new strategy for this country involves buying off low level Taliban fighters and cutting a deal with more senior figures via amnesty of relatively senior figures from the pre 2001 Taliban regime.

Afghanistan: Drowning in corruption

  24 January 2010

The Afghans had to pay out $2.5 billion in bribes over the past 12 months – equivalent to 23 per cent of Afghanistan’s GDP, writes Nick Fielding citing “Corruption in Afghanistan” report, published by the UN.

Afghanistan: Slow progress on power supply

  17 January 2010

Nick Fielding says that providing electricity for the residents of Afghanistan is one of the best ways of undermining the Taliban insurgency. However, although reports indicate increase of energy supply in the country, that modest increase hides many problems.

Kazakhstan: Patriotism and Democracy

  5 January 2010

In the last weeks of 2009, the Kazakh bloggers’ comments were concentrated around two topics – patriotism and democracy in the Republic of Kazakhstan. PATRIOTISM The level of patriotism in the society keeps on provoking interest of various parties. The nationalist circles complain on prevalence of the Russian language in...