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Kazakhstan: Journalist murdered, professional motives excluded

  29 December 2009

Sayat Shulembayev, 28, journalist of the news video-portal “Stan” was brutally murdered in Almaty. As “Stan” producer Michael Pak says, Sayat rented a room in the house near bus station. The murderers killed the landlord and the journalist, apparently, to eliminate the possible witness [ru]. The news portal does not...

Kazakhstan: War on Corruption and Political Interests

  24 December 2009

Alexander_Visotzky reviews the developments in Kazakhstan's uranium industry after arrest of the head of the national nuclear company on charges of embezzlement, and concludes that fight against corruption in Kazakhstan, is more of a political game than it is an attempt to root out corruption.

Afghanistan: Taliban Offer

  24 December 2009

Daffyd ponders on the speculations about an alleged Taliban proposal that it would sever ties with al Qaeda in return for withdrawal of foreign troops, and says it's seems like a very clever strategic move.

Kyrgyzstan: Critics attacked

  24 December 2009

Nathan reports that former head of Kyrgyzstan’s National Security Council Bolot Djanuzakov and Russian political scientist Aleksandr Knyazev were attacked near their homes on December 9. Both have been critical of the Kyrgyz government.

Kazakhstan: Big city lights, gerontocracy and Photoshop

  9 December 2009

Kazakhstan’s bloggers continue to monitor the state’s traditionally non-transparent politics and comment on the news. Among their concerns is the government’s announcement that due to the economic crisis, wage increases for state employees, pensioners and students on stipend, scheduled for the beginning of 2010, would have to be postponed for...