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Kyrgyzstan: One-Party System Looming?

  31 October 2007

The Azamat Report reviews recent developments on the eve of parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan, saying that the authorities are seemingly trying to establish a one-party system, similar to Kazakhstan with Nur-Otan and Russia with United Russia today.

Afghanistan: Private Military Contractors

  31 October 2007

Afghanistan Watch quotes an online foreign policy daily World Politics Review, which has published a piece devoted to the private security contractors in Afghanistan. As reported, the media has generally interpreted the authorities’ actions to shut down the contractors as a “crackdown”, but apparently the truth is more complicated.

Kazakhstan: Olympiad, Central Asian Style

  30 October 2007

Xxrock reports on the Kazakh government’s barely explainable step to modify the conditions of Asian Olympics-2011, which are to be held in Almaty. Now the officials want it to take place in Astana, the president Nazarbayev's “pet capital”, too.

Turkmenistan: Monetary Reform

  30 October 2007

Abdulgamid reflects on the announced plans of the Turkmen government to carry out a monetary reform with denomination of the national currency. Increased liquidity will inevitably be marred by increase in prices for all types of commodities and services, he concludes.

Uzbekistan: Requiem to Slain Journalist

  30 October 2007

Bboyd's post in memoriam to Alisher Saipov, an Uzbek journalist brutally murdered in Osh (Kyrgyzstan), says that Saipov was a strong critic of Uzbek regime and published an independent newspaper in the Uzbek language, which was printed in Kyrgyzstan and smuggled over the border.

Afghanistan: NATO Leases Out?

  30 October 2007

Afghanistan Watch reports on the NAYO decision to lease cargo helicopters (perhaps, from Russia and Ukraine) because members of the alliance again refused to provide airlift out of their own military assets.

Kazakhstan: Four Billion Dollars

  29 October 2007

Adam Kesher reports on the clarification on the recently announced government's measures to sustain the economy. Surprisingly, the explanation has arrived from the commercial bank's top officer, not from the government (ENG).

Kazakhstan: Keep Talking

  29 October 2007

Ben reflects on the continuing conflict between the oil companies consortium on Kashagan super-giant oil-field and the Kazakh government, in which the authorities are seeking more rights and money within the project (ENG).

Turkmenistan: Independence day

  28 October 2007

Nara opines on the sixteenth anniversary of independence of the Turkmen state, bitterly noting that “Turkmen government is the only institution to enjoy this privilige of independence, being very independent from the people’s voices and lives”.

Uzbekistan: Another Voice Silenced

  28 October 2007

Beaudi's Blog reflects on the brutal murder of the 26-year-old Uzbek journalist in the town of Osh in the neighboring Kyrgyzstan. He was remarkably well known and respected around Central Asia and openly questioned the policies and human rights violations of the Uzbek government.

Kazakhstan: Helping the Children

  28 October 2007

KZBlog tells about a seemingly international campaign to sew blankets for the Kazakhstani kids, noting that “it's all to cute”, while the Kazakh government launches series of competitions for the benefit of children.

Kazakhstan: Falconry on the BBC

  26 October 2007

KZBlog tells about the BBC report on falcon hunting in Kazakhstan, specifically problems with finding funding to keep the birds. There are tries to use elite hunting trips to subsidize falcon preserves.

Kyrgyzstan: Vote Predictions

  25 October 2007

The Azamat Report reviews the pre-electoral political situation, saying that Ak-Jol, a newly established party of the incumbent president has pretty low political standing, but “the so called ‘administrative resource’ will do its job” and ” if the elections take place with the same violations as the recent constitutional referendum...