Adil Nurmakov · December, 2007

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Kyrgyzstan: Election Results Still Unknown

  27 December 2007

The Azamat Report says that 10 days after the election day nobody has seen the results. The Central Election Commission has not published the official results of the parliamentary vote in Kyrgyzstan, although it already distributed all the seats.

Afghanistan: Tribal Law

  26 December 2007

Mohammad Fahim Khairy reports on a shocking case — resident of Paktia province of southern Afghanistan shaved his wife’s head, cut it her nose and ears by a knife and burn her down with boiled water in the first day of Eid.

Kazakhstan: Debates over Latinization of Kazakh Language

  25 December 2007

Kazakhstan intends to switch the state language to the Latin script. It was announced that the transition will take 12-15 years. As adam_kesher writes, the plan stirred many disputes and arguments – in particular, Russia and a part of Kazakhstan’s Russian-speaking population considers switching to Latin is an adverse move...