Adil Nurmakov · May, 2010

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Kazakhstan: OSCE Visits Jailed Rights Activist

KZBlog reports that an OSCE representative went to see Yevgeniy Zhovtis, a human rights leader in Kazakhstan who was imprisoned for vehicular manslaughter. The chair of the OSCE ordered the press office not to publish the report on the visit on the OSCE website.

Afghanistan: Strange morale

Nasim Fekrat tells a shocking story how a dozen farmers raped two young men as a punishment in revenge for engaging in sexual relations with two young women in the Jawzjan province of Afghanistan.

Uzbekistan: The Sting Saga

Sarah Kendzior writes about the recent scandal in press around Sting's concert in Tashkent in honor of Uzbek president's daughter – and about how this fact atracted a new wave of interest of the Western media to human rights record in Uzbekistan.

Tajikistan: The wilting tulips

Tajikistan’s president's annual address to the parliament featured both the challenges faced by the nation, and the potential threats of Kyrgyz uprising. Dushanbe monitors rumors and voices around him to ponder on the possibility of popular protest in Tajikistan.

Kyrgyzstan: Save or destroy

The question of what next for Kyrgyzstan is addressed by Schwartz, who describes three possible scenarios of the future developments, where the Kyrgyzstan’s social contract and solubility as a country are at stake.