Adil Nurmakov · November, 2008

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Kazakhstan: Political Economy and Blocked Blogs

  20 November 2008

It has been more than a month since Kazakhstan’s telecom monopolist blocked access of the users to Livejournal, the most popular blog platform in the Central Asian country. At the same time, the networks of online discussions did not get bleaker, still providing speedy reaction to the socio-political and economic...

Uzbekistan: Inoyatov Visits Germany

  10 November 2008

Nathan reports that after the EU’s decision to lift the travel ban on Uzbek officials involved in the 2005 Andijon events, Germany is the first EU member to host one of these officials, Rustam Inoyatov – the head of Uzbek special service “for security talks”.

Kazakhstan: Academic Shenanigins in the United States

  10 November 2008

Patrick Frost reports on the scandalous case involving renowned US-based The Hopkins Institute, which has disclosed funding for three recent reports about modern Kazakhstan, revealing that the Kazak government-funded Washington lobbying firm APCO Worldwide provided $52,300 for those researches.

Afghanistan: Fawzia Koofi in France

  10 November 2008

Azar Balkhi reports that Fawzia Koofi, the Second Deputy of the Afghanistan Parliament, attended the conference of Council of Women World Leaders that took place in France in an apparent sign of revival of gender equality in post-Taliban country.