Adil Nurmakov · September, 2007

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Kazakhstan: Big politics and human lives

  29 September 2007

While the usual discussions about political cobwebs and oil business intrigues kept the Kazakhstani bloggers busy, two dramatic incidents stood out: A rocket crash potentially threatening the health of thousands of people and the murder of a Russian blogger made the Kazakhstani blogosphere think about the value of a human life.

Kazakhstan: Energy Twists and Media Tricks

  13 September 2007

Be it the crisis of the country's biggest oil project or the biases of the national media: Both big stories from Kazakhstan this week demonstrate that power is concentrated in very few hands, while social indicators point at huge income inequalities.

Kazakhstan: Sham Elections

  6 September 2007

The fallout from the 18 August 2007 parliamentary elections is still having an impact on local and international bloggers. Apathy, resignation, anger, surprise - there were many emotions for a poll many Kazakhs called a sham election. Adam Kesher collects some voices.