Adil Nurmakov · August, 2010

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Turkmenistan: WikiLeaks-like service in demand

  29 August 2010

Turkmenistan is a society so veiled in shadows that one wonders whether its own leaders believe in the government’s propaganda. For this reason, the country desperately needs a service like WikiLeaks to help expose the truth, argues neweurasia’s Annasoltan.

Kazakhstan: Prison Riots

  29 August 2010

KZBlog writes about the disturbing news from Kazakhstan’s prisons, where – more and more frequently – inmates mutilate themselves or stage riots, claiming that they are routinely beaten and tortured.

Afghanistan: The Helmand Food Zone Fiasco

  29 August 2010

Joel Hafvenstein writes about the British “Food Zone” program, which was considered to be a better effort comparing to other counternarcotics activties in Afghanistan. But “when examined closely, there’s no reason to think the Food Zone program was effective’, he says.

Afghanistan: Just get rid od Karzai

  15 August 2010

Joshua Foust reflects on the popular belief that Hamid Karzai is the main problem in Afghanistan. “What can we do about it? The usual answers seem to involve removing Hamid Karzai in some way—with all its myriad problems usually left unsaid”, he writes.