Adil Nurmakov · July, 2010

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Afghanistan: Graft and bribes are endemic

Nick Fielding reviews a new report on corruption by Integrity Watch Afghanistan. Based on interviews with 6,500 people, the survey assesses the impact of corruption, the trust in state and non-state institutions, international anti-corruption efforts and the links between corruption and insurgency.

Kazakhstan: Bloggers’ Summer Pessimism

Summer is predominantly a dead season for the netizens around the globe. Kazakh bloggers keep on writing – providing less citizen journalism, but producing broader insights. Isabekov opines on the Kazakh national mentality feature [ru]: One of the most favorite Central Asian entertainments is called “praise a Kazakh”. The rules...

Kyrgyzstan: Lying Satellites and Political Course

Nathan Hamm opines on the political situation in Kyrgyzstan, which has conducted constitutional referendum last Sunday. “Voters cast their ballots for peace and stability”, and legitimization of interim government shall become a first step to settling the enormous list of issues.