Adil Nurmakov · January, 2009

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Kazakhstan: Livejournal Unblocked. And Blocked Again

  30 January 2009

On Junuary 28, the Kazakhstani Internet users were suddenly granted access to LiveJournal – the most popular blog platform in the post-Soviet Russian-speaking blogosphere. It was blocked by the national ISP on October 7 last year under unknown reasons – “Kazakhtelecom” has never acknowledged the fact of filtering. We used...

Tajikistan: Terrible Tajik-Uzbek relations

  30 January 2009

Vadim says that Tajikistan and Uzbekistan have chronically had bad relations since early history of the two countries, and the most recent actions of Uzbekistan made these relations even worse.

Mongolia: Tsagaan Sar

  26 January 2009

Bilguun writes about the national Mongolian holiday called Tsagaan sar (New Year), which is celebrated on different days every year, and this year's Tsagaan sar – as usually – provoked the same old debate amongst the astrologers and the lamas as to when it should be celebrated.

Tajikistan: Earthquake rumor

  24 January 2009

Vadim reports that the recent rumor about the possible powerful earthquake in Tajikistan made thousands of people throughout the country to leave their homes and spend the freezing night in the street.

Mongolia: Animals Elimination

  19 January 2009

Danzan Ravjaa writes that the Ulaanbaatar’s (capital city of Mongolia) Municipal Administration began a campaign to eliminate street dogs and reviews reactions of the society and reigious groups.