Adil Nurmakov · August, 2009

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Kazakhstan: On the Efficacy of Government

  25 August 2009

How professional is the government? Is it rigorous enough in performing its functions? How often does it interfere in matters beyond its competence? These are among the most popular questions discussed in the Kazakh blogosphere. Izhanov writes a gloomy, ironic post on the “sensitive” subject of bidding in the process...

Afghanistan: Reportages on Children

  24 August 2009

Onne Parl offers a series of posts about children living in the provinces of Afghanistan, featuring a post about the place of religion in high school education, about regular school for street children and about life of kids in the traditional rural economy.

Afghanistan: Televised Presidential Debates

  24 August 2009

Safrang reviews the Afghanistan's presidential TV debates, organized by the the national TV (RTA) and radio RFE/RL. For the first time in history, the incumbent president together with two contenders were publicly responding to the questions and each other's criticism.