· July, 2007

Stories about Algeria from July, 2007

Algeria: On Iraq's Neighbours

  23 July 2007

Algerian Nouri comments on an op-ed written by former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Zalmay Khalilzad in the Washington Post.

Arabeyes: A Protest for Every Citizen, Al Qaeda and Iranian Provocation

  17 July 2007

Locked doors at a university campus, daily demonstrations on busy main roads, an article attacking Bahrain in an Iranian newspaper, Al Qaeda's attacks in North Africa and the death of cultural magazines - on and off-line - are some of the topics being discussed by bloggers writing in Arabic in Bahrain, Algeria and Jordan.

Algeria: Mistrusting Muslims

  11 July 2007

The Moor Next Door, an Algerian American, comments on an article which appeared in the LA Times on mistrusting Muslims in the wake of the foiled UK bombings.

Algeria: Why Terrorism?

  7 July 2007

“What drives upstanding young Muslim professionals to the point of terrorism?” asks Algerian blogger Nouri.