· March, 2006

Stories about Algeria from March, 2006

Algeria: Adonis Interview

  23 March 2006

Nouri Lumendifi agrees with the Syrian poet Adonis (Ali Akbar Said) and believes that foreign intervention and/or poking and prodding can yield credible results when it comes to furthering democracy in the Arab world. Nouri says, “…there would never have been elections in the Gulf without American agitation. Democracy will...

Algeria: Vieux Turbans and Algerian National Identity

9 March 2006

Where did the Algerian Revolution, or perhaps more importantly, the Algerian national movement come from? It is often debated, mainly among Algerian nationalists and others that the movement arose as soon as the French landed ashore in Algiers, that the Revolution was a continuous process from Abdel Qadir and Ahmed...