· September, 2007

Stories about Algeria from September, 2007

Algeria: Skin Lightening Cream

  26 September 2007

Beauty is skin deep. Not so, argues Nouri the Moor from Algeria in this post, where he discusses the obsession of darker toned women with skin lightening cream.

Algeria: US Embassy Staff ‘Incompetent’

  18 September 2007

“(F)or some reason American embassies are staffed with illiterates and space monkeys, rather than helpful personnel with a sense of duty to American citizens. I say this from my own experiences as well; it is not easy for anyone to get into the American embassy in Algiers. With so much...

Egypt: Algerians Protest Bombings

  11 September 2007

“Thousands of Algerians took to the streets to protest the recent suicide attacks that killed tens,” writes the Big Pharaoh from Egypt. “Very good news. I’m still dreaming of mass protests across the Arab world against the daily carnage in Iraq. I know I’ll be dreaming for a long time,”...