· April, 2007

Stories about Algeria from April, 2007

Algeria: Say Camel in 40 Words

  30 April 2007

Algerian blogger and linguist Lameen Souag draws our attention to the fact that there are more than 40 words used in Arabic to mean and describe camels.

Algeria: From Armenia to Islam

  24 April 2007

Algerian blogger Nouri provides links which discuss why the Armenian genocide should not be called a genocide and who is a moderate Muslim.

Algeria: To Exist or Not to Exist

  23 April 2007

A query on LINGUIST List the other day asked for examples of other languages which, like English, have a verb “exist” distinct from the general-purpose existential “there is”. In Algerian Arabic, such a verb has emerged in recent years through borrowing from French, explains Algerian linguist and blogger Lameen Souag.

Online Freedom for All: Some cases worth supporting

  21 April 2007

In my last article, “Lessons from the Free Kareem campaign”, I talked about campaigning and why some jailed and persecuted bloggers and online writers are winning sympathy, while others have difficulty attracting the attention of the public. I also discussed the logic behind the success or the failure of campaigning,...

Arabeyes: Thoughts on the Virginia Tech Massacre

  19 April 2007

For Algerian student Nouri, who studies in the US, the shooting at Virginia Tech is too close to home for comfort. He links to the above photograph, from the Washington Post, which features one of his acquaintances, who goes to school there. “The brown fellow to the right, just above...

Algeria: The Status of Fouad Ajami

  17 April 2007

Algerian blogger Nouri sums up his opinion on whether John Hopkins professor Fouad Ajami is more of a Shia or a nationalist when it comes to discussing the developments in Iraq.

Algeria: Al Qaeda Strikes Again

  11 April 2007

Al-Qaeda in the Maghreb has struck again, killing at least twenty-three people, and injuring well over one hundred in a two pronged assault on Algiers, reports Algerian blogger Nouri.

Algeria: On Obama

  11 April 2007

Algerian blogger Nouri gives us his thoughts on US presidential candidate Barack Obama, who managed to raise $25 million despite running a ‘disorganised’ campaign.

Algeria: Future Arab Alliances with Israel?

  9 April 2007

The Moor Next Door talks about the Arab states and future alliances with Israel and against Iran: “A long road must be traveled until the major Arab states can win Israel's confidence. When I argued earlier that an alliance of Arab states be formed against Iran, I said that Israel...

Algeria: US Should Encourage Saudi

  3 April 2007

Algerian blogger Nouri cautions the West of misreading recent Saudi manoeuvres in leading Arab states. “The Americans should encourage Saudi leadership, because if their reaction to the Saudi drive for organization is mismanaged or misinterpreted, the consequences are potentially dire. And the consequences of continued Arab ambiguity and disunity are...

Algeria: Abusing Islam?

  3 April 2007

Algerian blogger and linguist Lameen Souag debates the motives of bloggers who abusively invoke Islam into defining different behaviours and attitudes. “The likes of Al-Qaeda wrongly describe their own terrorist acts as jihad in order to make them appear legitimate to other Muslims; for Western governments to publicly accept this...

Algeria: New Arabism

  2 April 2007

Algerian blogger Nouri discusses a new wave of Arabism, led by Saudi Arabia. “Saudi Arabia has been driving efforts to construct a regional Arab block to check Iranian influence in the Middle East, a fact that has some American commentators worried,” he writes.

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