· March, 2007

Stories about Algeria from March, 2007

Algeria: Iran's Standoff

  29 March 2007

Algerian blogger Nouri links to an article which sums up his thoughts on Iran's conflict with the West. He even gives us his commentary here. “Had the Iranians not just kidnapped the 15 Britons, but opened fire on the Cornwall, the Coalition would have reason to attack the Iranians, with...

Arabisc: In Keeping with Fashion, Algerian Blogger Sued

  28 March 2007

An Algerian official has today filed a case against blogger Abdulsalam Baroudi, accusing him of libel for an article he posted on his blog. This will be the first time a blogger is sued for his online writings in this North African country. Baroudi is unruffled and says he has...

Algeria: Lingustics Talk

  23 March 2007

Algerian blogger Lameen Souag is just back from attending a linguistics conference in Cambridge, CamLing 2007, where he presented a talk on number borrowing in Berber. For those interested, the talk is available here. Souag is also distressed to learn that Yucatec Maya, one of the largest Maya languages, is...

Algeria: Special Focus on Mauritania

  13 March 2007

Algerian blogger Lameen Souag has kind words for Mauritania. “On the rare occasions when it makes Western headlines, it's generally for slavery or famine, but this week it's distinguishing itself in a rather nobler fashion: holding its first free presidential elections,” he writes, while giving special attention to languages there.

Algeria: Movie a Waste

  12 March 2007

Algerian blogger Nouri says the movie 300 was a fantastic waste of $10! “The film is comprised mostly of exaggerated muscles, computer generated imagery, grotesque or unnecessary sex scenes, and foolishly triumphant dialogue. The film is aesthetically interesting, more for its ahistorical manner than for its beauty. Apparently, Spartans wore...