· June, 2009

Stories about Algeria from June, 2009

Algeria: On France's burqa ban

  28 June 2009

Algerian-American blogger The Moor Next Door remarks upon France's intended burqa ban, saying, “The trouble the French may want to worry about is not the burqa as it is worn in France today, but that such a ban, as the headscarf ban has done, will make the garment a greater...

Maghreb: Views on Iran

  21 June 2009

As the world watches events unfolding in Iran, Maghreb blogs have been following and commenting on the rapidly developing crisis there. Some questioned the motives behind the way western media covered the events; others criticized Mir Houssain Moussavi's reaction, but it seems that the majority are supporting protesters.

Arab World: Berkman Launches New Arab Blog Study

  19 June 2009

Harvard University's Berkman Centre for Internet and Society has released a study of the Arabic blogosphere entitled Mapping the Arabic Blogosphere. About 35,000 active blogs were covered. “The goal for the study was to produce a baseline assessment of the networked public sphere in the Arab Middle East, and its...

Algeria: Praise for Obama'a Address

  8 June 2009

Kal, from Algeria, reacts to Obama's address to the Muslim world which he delivered in Cairo, Egypt. “The speech carrying both substance and elegance. It will be widely praised and cited in the future as a major event in the “post-9/11″ period and in America’s relationship with the Muslim world,”...

Arab World: What are Arabs waiting for?

  4 June 2009

Two bloggers on either side of the Arab world are mulling over the condition of Arabs, from the ocean to the gulf. One asks how long we will sit back for while other countries continue to build up and develop their arsenals and weapon stocks - and another wonders why Saudi Arabia doesn't have its own space programme.