· August, 2009

Stories about Algeria from August, 2009

Maghreb: Ramadan Good Wishes and More

  25 August 2009

The Maghreb blogosphere has been blooming with an outpouring of congratulations, welcoming the holy Muslim month of Ramadan. And amongst the usual greetings and formal congratulations, controversial thoughts, often at odds with conventional views on Muslims, are being aired.

Maghreb: The Trans Sahara Gas Pipeline

  16 August 2009

Alle, at the Maghreb Politics Review, writes: “More gas from Africa (Nigeria, Algeria, Libya, etc) could help in the EU’s gas battles with Russia, for one thing. But, needless to say, there are some complications.”

Algeria: On the US and Mauritania

  3 August 2009

American Algerian The Moor Next Door notes: “Many members of the Mauritanian opposition; and operatives clamor that the American position towards the new government is among the most crucial of those yet out.”