· June, 2008

Stories about Algeria from June, 2008

Algeria: Muslims and Education

  14 June 2008

Muslims in Europe and America prefer to study engineering, biology, business, pre-medical/pre-dental, and other such majors while Art, English, art history, political science, and general studies are frowned upon or even viewed contemptuously, says Algerian blogger Nouri.

Algeria: Tragic Attacks

  11 June 2008

“The tragic attacks that took place in Algiers this week were surely aimed at debasing the prestige of the Algerian government, which is preparing to receive Mediterranean representatives and which has won the favor of most Western (and eastern) governments in its battle with al-Qaeda,” writes Algerian blogger Nouri.

Algeria: Baby Talk

  11 June 2008

Algerian linguist Lameen Souag is busy studying Siwi – and notes that they have 40 words used in baby talk. “So what special words do you use in your language when talking to babies?” he asks.

Algeria: Mesh Blog

  6 June 2008

“Harvard’s MESH blog is an important resource for scholars and for students of the Near and Middle East. It is nevertheless heavily biased, particularly on Levantine affairs, and its discussion of the Maghreb is grossly underdeveloped,” writes Algerian Nouri.