· June, 2007

Stories about Algeria from June, 2007

Egypt: Algeria Attacks Mother of the World

  26 June 2007

Algerian National library head M Amine Zaoui sparked a wave of controversy by declaring that Egypt was no longer the hub of Arab culture, writes Issandr El Amrani in The Arabist.

Algeria: America's Muslim Army

  25 June 2007

“Arab and Muslim are not the same thing, in America or anywhere else,” notes Algerian blogger Nouri here, in a commentary on an article by the BBC entitled: America's Muslim Army.

Algeria: Egg Fest

  18 June 2007

Eggs feature high on Algerian blogger Chef Zadi's mind, who dedicates a post to Algerian egg dishes.

Algerian blogger taken to court

  11 June 2007

Today, June 11th, 2007, will be the first time that an Algerian blogger is being taken to court for articles posted on his personnel blog. Abdulsalam Baroudi is being sued by Tlemcen’s Director of Religious Affairs, who has accused him of posting defamatory material on his personal blog on February...

Algeria: On the Kurds in Iraq

  8 June 2007

“With the situation between Turkey, the PKK, and Iraqi Kurdistan heating up, with regular engagements between Turkish and PKK forces along the Turco-Iraqi borderlands and the Iraqi President Jalal Talabani and Kurdistan regional president Massoud Barzani claiming that a Turkish invasion of Kurdistan “would be first of all an attack...

Algeria: US Stance Towards Turkey ‘Ironic’

  6 June 2007

Algerian blogger Nouri finds it ironic that US Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Sunday cautioned Turkey against sending troops into northern Iraq, as it has threatened, to hunt down Kurdish rebels it accuses of carrying out terrorist raids inside Turkey.

Francophone Morocco: Blogging for the Maghreb Arab Union

  4 June 2007

June 1 has been designated the day to blog for the Maghreb Union - Bloggers across the Maghreb have tackled the subject, posting videos, photos, and their opinions, and Moroccan bloggers are no exception. Hamza Daoui takes us on a journey through the Francophone blogoma to see what people are saying.