· May, 2007

Stories about Algeria from May, 2007

Algeria: More on the Pew Survey

  30 May 2007

Algerian blogger Nouri continues to discuss the Pew Survey on American Muslims. “Rather than posting a lengthy analysis of the entire survey, I will mention some of the interesting questions and answers, and my response and my view of some of the results,” he explains.

Algeria: Spot the Terrorist

  28 May 2007

Algerian blogger and journalist Slimane Boussoufa, who is based in London, UK, narrates to us his experiences crossing borders and how people look at him if he is carrying a backpack in the London Underground. “It is to be regretted that young Arabs, especially the educated and well groomed, have...

Algeria: Election Results

  21 May 2007

Algerian blogger Nouri updates us on the results of the Algerian elections here. “As would be expected, voter turn-out was low with only 6.6 million votes cast out of an electorate of some 19-odd million Algerians (36.51%). Of those votes cast, 14.5% were spoiled,” he notes.

Algeria: On Explosions and Elections

  17 May 2007

As Algerians head apathetically to the polls, in the sixth bout of elections held in the country since 1992, another attack rocks a major Algerian city; Constantine in the country's rugged east. The attack was comprised of two blasts, ten minutes apart detonated by way of remote controlled mobile phones....

Algeria: Bad Translations

  16 May 2007

Algerian blogger and linguist Lameen Souag takes a look at bad translations. “The moral in all this for English-language media is clear: when some helpful organisation sends you a free translation of some foreign-language article or program, do look a gift horse in the mouth, and check the translation with...

Algeria: End of the World

  16 May 2007

Algerian blogger Nouri notes that the end of the world is near. “As a friend of mine put it: He thought the end of the world was coming, and he was right,” he posts.

Algeria: The History of Arabs and the Early Superpowers

  14 May 2007

Algerian blogger Nouri gives us a lesson in history , with an interesting insight about the Ghassanid and Lakhmid Arab kingdoms/vassal states that once existed between the Byzantine and Sassanian empires in the years AD prior to Islam (for a school project). The project also studies the relations between Arabs...

The Tunisphere Reaches Out to the Maghreb

  10 May 2007

Tunisian blogger Big Trap Boy writes about the importance of integrating the Maghreb Union which is made up of North African countries and its benefits to all the population in the region. He even appeals to Tunisian bloggers and others from Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania and Libya to make June 1 a blogging day to promote the Maghreb Union, reports Samsoum.

Algeria: The Great Libyan Shia Plan

  3 May 2007

Qaddafi called recently for the creation of a neo-Fatimid empire in North Africa that would be “Arab and Shiite”, for “North Africa is Arab and Shi'ite,” reports Algerian blogger Nouri. “Obviously the Fatimids were of Arab origin, and not Iranian; the Iranians came to Shiism far later than did the...