· December, 2007

Stories about Eastern & Central Europe from December, 2007

Russia: Some More on Medvedev

  19 December 2007

Streetwise Professor writes about the man some (or many?) believe will succeed Putin as Russia's president in 2008: “I have not commented about Putin’s anointing of Dmitri Medvedev because I don’t do Kabuki theater or puppet show reviews.”

Russia: Yegor Gaidar's Book

  19 December 2007

Streetwise Professor reviews Yegor Gaidar's new book: “I believe that Gaidar is right that down this path lies ruin. I fear, however, that Russia will have to find this out the hard way. So Yegor Gaidar is a prophet without honor in his own country, among his own kin, and...

Russia: Middle Class

  19 December 2007

Dr. Sean's Diary writes on Russia's middle class, a subject that has inspired “a lot of informed journalistic comment – […] – but seemingly little in the way of academic research. How can you research something that doesn’t exist – and perhaps historically never did?”

Czech Republic: Jan Švejnar

  19 December 2007

Czech president is due to be elected Feb. 8 by a joint session of both chambers of the parliament, and Dr Sean's Diary writes about a likely contender for the post: Jan Švejnar, who “emigrated to the US in 1970 (where, as a dual-national, he is still based) taking a...

Russia: Attacks on Ingushetia.ru

  19 December 2007

Window on Eurasia reports on the attacks on Ingushetia.ru, a site that “often reports news about conditions [in Ingushetia] that the authorities do not want covered.”

Russia: “Don Putin”

  19 December 2007

Sean Guillory of Sean's Russia Blog is reminded of Godfather as he reads about “Putin’s acceptance to be Prime Minister if his protege Dima becomes President.”

Russia: Rosstat vs Kremlinologists

  19 December 2007

Russia in the Media cites statistics to prove that two “brave Kremlinologists” engaged in “manipulations with numbers,” as they worked on a Russia piece for the International Herald Tribune.

Russia: Politics and Style

  19 December 2007

James of Robert Amsterdam's blog reviews recent coverage of “the marriage of Russia's emerging political culture and style.”

Soviet History: 1963 Race Rally

  18 December 2007

De Rebus Antiquis Et Novis writes about a little-known 1963 rally in Moscow's Red Square, when 500 African students rallied against racial discrimination, following the death of a Ghanian fellow student.

Ukraine: PM Tymoshenko

  18 December 2007

Ukrainiana writes about today's vote for Yulia Tymoshenko as prime minister – a “completely public vote,” notes Orange Ukraine – and lists the new ministers in her cabinet. Foreign Notes explains the new defense minister's reluctance to vote for Tymoshenko – and points out Tymoshenko's “dilemma”: “If she is elected...

Armenia: Elephants Marry

  18 December 2007

After quite a few international controversies surrounding attempts to find a mate for Yerevan Zoo's only elephant, Blogian reports some happy news. Hrantik can finally share his life with an elephant from Moscow and the new relationship was apparently cemented by a “marriage ceremony.”

Russia: Deti Picasso

  18 December 2007

Georgia & the South Caucasus is impressed by the ethnic Armenian indie band from Russia, Deti Picasso. Fusing both traditional Armenia with alternative contemporary sounds, the blog hopes that the band will one day make it to Europe.

Russia: Andrew Kuchins’ Report

  17 December 2007

Eternal Remont writes about Andrew C. Kuchins’ “Alternative Futures for Russia to 2017″ report and the Russian media's reaction to it.

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