· November, 2005

Stories about Eastern & Central Europe from November, 2005

Armenia: Gyumri Scenes

  29 November 2005

Onnik Krikorian has scenes from Gyumri, the site of the 1988 earthquake from which the city is still suffering.

Kazakhstan: Improbable Suicide

  29 November 2005

neweurasia reports that the Kazakh government has arrived at a strange conclusion in the investigation into the death of an opposition politician.

Hungary: Hungarikum

  29 November 2005

Hungarian Accent rounds up reactions in the Hungarian blogosphere to a new television show called “Hungarikum” that some view as disrespectful to historical figures.

Afghanistan: Election

  29 November 2005

Afghanistan Warrior:Although 40% of the winners are former jihadi leaders and warlords, the finalized results show that more than 50 percent of the winners are the supporters of President Karzai so there is not a big challenge to the Karzai government.

Armenia: The Referendum

  29 November 2005

Oneworld Multimedia has lots of photos of and reporting on this weekend's constitutional referendum in Armenia including an example of the “enormous” turnout and post-election protest.

Armenia: Raffi Hovannisian Rally

  25 November 2005

Oneworld Multimedia has a report and photos from Raffi Hovannisian's political rally in Yerevan, where the US-born foreign minister urged voters to boycott the constitutional referendum.

Armenia: Referendum News

  25 November 2005

neweurasia's Armenia blog has numerous updates on the upcoming constitutional referendum, including a report that the opposition may set up orange tents for the day of voting.

Tajikistan: Fighting HIV

  22 November 2005

neweurasia reports that Tajikistan is determined to combat HIV before it becomes a problem which is quite rare for the region.

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