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Stories about Eastern & Central Europe from January, 2006

Voices from Central Asia and the Caucasus

  31 January 2006

“Snow in Tbilisi”, Hans Heiner Buhr Welcome to the first roundup of the Central Asian and Caucasian blogosphere, brought to you bi-weekly by neweurasia. We'll take you alphabetically through the countries: Armenia: Onnik Krikorian does a great job writing the first-ever roundups from the Armenian blogosphere. Himself a blogger over...

Afghan Whispers: Censorship & London Conference

  30 January 2006

Afghan Lord informs us that there are more and more private TV channels in Afghanistan but he warns about the danger of censorship: Beside of four private channels like Ariana tv, Tolo tv, Ayna tv, Afghan tv and including one government TV these two is launched outside of the capital....

Armenia: Notes

  30 January 2006

Onnik Krikorian has more notes from the Armenian blogosphere–a roundup of posts on Armenian blogs over the past week.

Kyrgyzstan: Nepotism

  30 January 2006

T-Moor discusses the Kyrgyz president's response to criticism over his appointment of his brother to a government post.

Georgia: Powerless

  30 January 2006

Ben Wheeler says that Tbilisi is making due with energy shortages but that despite government claims to the contrary, the burdens are not evenly distributed between rich and poor.

Poland: Tragedy at Katowice

  30 January 2006

the beatroot reports on the tragic collapse of a roof in Katowice, Poland in which over 60 people have died. Their reporting continues with a look at whether or not negligence is to blame for the disaster.

We Love Cooking!

  28 January 2006

#1: All Indian food does NOT taste the same! From the UK, We all live downstream explains this popular belief that find its roots in the lack of adventurous spirit of some when executing this natural, vital and recurrent activity. What kind of Indian food do you get when you...

Armenia: Freenet.am

  27 January 2006

Christian Garbis reports that Armenia's free internet (limited to Armenian sites only) and email service, Freenet.am, is in danger of shutting down unless it finds new funding.

Introduction to Ukrainian Blogosphere

  27 January 2006

Only a few Ukraine-based English-language blogs were around when the 2004 mass protests began, and, just like Ukraine in those exciting days, they received lots of unexpected attention. Some of these bloggers are no longer in Ukraine, but others have taken their place, and, although not numerous, Ukrainian blogs are...

Turkmenistan: The Axe Falls Again

  27 January 2006

neweurasia reports that Turkmenistan has dismissed a handful of government ministers. Yet again. Among the charges this time though were not just the normal accusations of abuse of power and incompetence, though. Polygamy made the list too.

Kyrgyzstan: The Plight of Women

  27 January 2006

Mountains of Heaven discusses the plight of Kyrgyz women, many of whom are forced into marriages through the local tradition of “bride stealing.”

Poland: Blood-Sucking Parasites

  26 January 2006

the beatroot reports that alternative medicines like the use of leeches is on the rise in Poland and that alongside the growing popularity of these treatments is a rise in the number of cancer patients who die after refusing conventional treatment.

Poland: Rural Parties Get a Shot

  26 January 2006

the beatroot reports that political parties representing the rural and impoverished east of the country are beginning to call the shots in the lower house of parliament.

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