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· June, 2011

Stories about Eastern & Central Europe from June, 2011

Belarus: Report from Another Non-Violent Protest Event

Macedonia: Spin of the Day

Macedonia: Taboo on Protesting Against Police Brutality

Russia: Propagandist Videos Against Alexey Navalny Flood RuNet

Russia / Afghanistan: Photos From A School in Kabul

Russia: New Research Shows Almost No Gender Difference in Web Search Patterns

Russia: ‘Nerds On Yachts’ Photo Session

Russia/Moldova: Eduard Bagirov, Internet Hooligan, Arrested in Moldova

Video: Celebrating the Solstice

The celebrations for Summer and Winter Solstices were full of lanterns, dances, flowers and bonfires. Lets tour around the world to check out the different celebrations: Solstice at Stonehenge, Feast...

Macedonia: New Parliament Assembles, Cements Election Victory for “Big Fish”

The newly-elected Macedonian Parliament held its initial session on Saturday, June 25, 2011. Its composition promises “more of the same” kind of politicking from the last few years.

Russia: Deciphering Covert “Bath Salt” Drug Advertisements

Russia: Actors Accuse Yuri Lyubimov, Taganka's Lead Director, of Greed and Lack of Respect

Macedonia: .mk Twitter Republic

Protests continue in Macedonia, as the authorities keep silent about the people's demands of accountability, political responsibility and an end to police brutality. On Sunday, a new symbol was displayed...

Belarus: Police Crack Down on Minsk Protest

A non-violent rally in Minsk, organized via a social network, ended up with more than 450 people detained. Arrests, trials and numerous detentions, however, do not appear to have stopped...

Europe: “Greek Drama Doesn't Transcend Hellenic Borders”

Russia: Rodric Braithwaite's “Afgantsy”

Balkans: Ratko Mladic and Justice

Croatia: EU Membership Approval

On June 10, 2011, Croatia was cleared to become the newest member state of the European Union. There is still a long road before Croatians are officially a part of...

Ukraine: Hanna Sinkova's Case; Yanukovych's Prejudicial Comments

Russia: Yelena Bonner, Andrei Sakharov's Widow, Dies

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