· July, 2005

Stories about Eastern & Central Europe from July, 2005

BBC statement on Afghan blogger threats

  29 July 2005

The Committee to Protect Bloggers recently received the following statement from the BBC in response to complaints by Afghan Blogger Sohrab Kabuli that somebody has been using a BBC computer to threaten him. The statement was sent by Mike Gardner, Head of Media Relations at BBC World Service: The BBC...

Hungary: Budapest Bloggers’ Tag Cloud

  28 July 2005

Central Budapest has created a tag cloud for Budapest bloggers (a tag cloud is a list of tags or keywords where the size of the tag indicates how popular it is; we've got one up at the top of this page).

Ukraine: Whoops

  28 July 2005

Blog de Connard, returning after a brief hiatus, has a good roundup of Ukraining events both pertaining to the author and the country as a whole, including a pretty decent summary of Andriygate, the scandal involving the President's son.

Russia: What goes around…

  28 July 2005

Registan.net reports on the rumor that Boris Yelstin may make a political comeback. The reasoning is something like he's the only political figure with the authority to challenge Putin, so he may be put up by anti-Putin forces.

Hungary: Cabinet Text Mad

  27 July 2005

Central Budapest reports that the Hungarian parliament has turned to SMS again, this time to gauge public opinion on the subject of drunk drivers.

Russia: Spammer Murdered

  26 July 2005

Digenis.org reports that Russia's most notorious spammer was found beaten to death in his apartment over the weekend. It's unknown if his brutal murder was connected to his spamming activities.

Kyrgyzstan: Don’t pack your bags

  26 July 2005

Registan.net is reporting that US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld's visit to Kyrgyzstan had its intended effect; the US presence at the airbase in Manas will continue indefinately.

Ukraine: The WTO Debate

  21 July 2005

Orange Ukraine follows the twists and turns of passing the legislation needed for Ukraine to join the WTO.

Russia: US Ambassador's closing remarks

  21 July 2005

Siberian Light covers the departing remarks of Alexander Vershbow, the outgoing US Ambassador to Russia. He also points to a short profile he did of incoming ambassador.

Kyrgyzstan: It’s not Kafkaesque, but it is boring

  20 July 2005

David Read, who writes the Kyrgyzstan blog Pretend You're Dread, has been trying to get a birth certificate for his son and get married to his girlfriend. Unfortunately, the Kyrgyz bureaucracy isn't quite flexible enough to deal with his situation…

Georgia: The red menace returns to Georgia

  20 July 2005

Siberian Light reports that the scourge of illegal tomato plants has suddenly manifested itself in the shadow of the Georgian Parliament building. Registan adds the overlooked tidbit that there may be political overtones to the contraband fruit; after all, the original news story notes that “in recent months tomatoes have...

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