· October, 2005

Stories about Eastern & Central Europe from October, 2005

Slovenia: Bad Drivers

  31 October 2005

Michael Manske says that a test of European drivers showing Slovenes to be the worst drivers of those tested has not only confirmed his fears of meeting his end in a Slovenian roundabout, but shown that perhaps he should be more worried.

Armenia: SOS Yerevan

  31 October 2005

Onnik Krikorian has photos from this weekend's protest against the destruction of Yerevan's parks.

Kyrgyzstan: Protests

  31 October 2005

Claire Wilkinson has photos of and a roundup of news concerning the recent protests for and against the government in Kyrgyzstan.

Kazakhstan: Win Just Right

  31 October 2005

kazakhstan.neweurasia.net says that in the upcoming presidential election, President Nazarbaev is worried about winning by too big of a margin.

Kyrgyzstan: Time Shift

  31 October 2005

The Golden Road to Samarqand reports that Kyrgyzstan handles daylight savings time by changing not simply what time it is but what time zone the country is in.

Georgia: A Joke

  29 October 2005

Oneworld Multimedia has a joke making the rounds in Georgia that reveals quite a bit about politics there.

Turkmenistan: Independence Day

  28 October 2005

Like with nearly all things related to Turkmenistan, Independence Day is a surreal affair. neweurasia has the details of this this year's celebration.

Poland: Troubled Negotiations

  28 October 2005

the beatroot reports on the troubled negotiations between Poland's Law and Justice and Civic Platform, the latter of which is presidential election runner-up Donald Tusk's party.

Hungary: '56 Roundup

  28 October 2005

Hungarian Accent rounds up discussion of the 1956 Hungarian Uprising in the Hungarian blogosphere.

Poland: Hot Water with the EU

  27 October 2005

the beatroot says that Poland's new president's stance on the death penalty and gay rights is causing problems for Poland with the EU.

Kyrgyzstan: Saratan

  27 October 2005

Ben Paarman reviews Saratan, a new Kyrgyz-German film, and reflects on the state of Kyrgyzstan after 14 years of independence.

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